Wednesday, May 16, 2012

thank U for being a friend

hey you.
do you know what you are?

a special friend.

cuz if you weren't reading this now, i would be a loner just getting my kicks off my own blog which would be silly since i can kick myself any day. HA!

and you are soooo busy but you are taking the time to read this.

and some of you even subscribed to this blog.
man, you are ALL truly awesome!

i wanted to share with you today some SHINE dolls that i share with some of my friends.

no, we don't play house with them, they are an adornment that gives words of wisdom. so when we get together at our SHINE parties, the host takes one home to keep.
i think the message they send speaks volumes.
check them out.
first up:

The secret of having it all...
is believing that you do
Some friends grow older, some grow wiser and a few grow into genuine characters
New friends
Friendship is a quiet understanding

Friends are the gardeners
who make our souls blossom
Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly
The secret to having it all...
is believing that you do
Queen for a day
(so you can wear your hair any way you want!)
Live for today
now take all of these, mix together carefully,
and share it with everyone you meet.
happy souls and priceless memories




  1. You are a great friend! You know who this is from! HA HA! See you in June for double dessert.

  2. Double dessert? I am so there! What an awesome friend you are! :)


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