Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017

it's here! it's here!

 the most blessed holiday is here.💖

i had more Christmas stuff to blog about 
but spent more time with my family instead.

it was wonderful.
my wish for you today is that 
you are surrounded by loved ones. 


Friday, December 22, 2017

mini christmas tree marshmallow brownie bites

this post was originally posted in Design Dazzle Christmas Wonderful here.

today is a good day to make some christmas treats like these mini christmas tree marshmallow brownie bites!
cuz there is sooo much to do on our list,
let's say we get down to business ok? 
first i spotted these babies at target:
they were in the christmas section with the food craft supplies. some of the marshmallows look like santa's sleigh ran them over so you 'll have to go through the package to get the ones that aren't squished!

 anyway, once you have them sorted out, 
grab the rest of the supplies:
i got the brownie bites at walmart but i've seen them around target and publix. you can always make your own but goodness there is already sooo much to do isn't there? 
so we are going for EASY PEASY.

anyway, here's the first step. just poke a minipretzel stick in the marshmallows. they will stick quite easily.
then melt your green candy melt and follow the next steps:
once the trees have dried, grab those brownies 
and add the tree like so:
take your time when you push the tree in 
so the brownie doesn't crack!
and there you have it. a million christmas trees 
(give or take a few) all decorated and ready 
to give out to all your holiday sweeties.

now if only our real christmas trees 
were as easy to decorate...

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

diy gingerbread house placecard holders

looks like we are getting down to the nitty gritty 
of all the holiday hoopla!

so without further ado, 
lemme show you that i managed to squeeze in 
some house building before the jolly fat man 
comes sweeping down the chimney,
with these diy gingerbread house placecard holders.
it all started with these mini houses i saw at target.
i got that screamin' craft monster yell really loud 
at me when i saw these cuz that's what happens 
when you have crafter's brain disease, 
which i have a very bad (good?) case of.
so basically i just grabbed my sprinkles and glue gun along with a white paint pen and went to town...
they have a tiny carved-out door and window 
that i embellished and well and... 
good gracious let's just show you with a ton of pics cuz, heck if you're like me, you have a verrrrrrrrry long to do christmas list and i don't wanna waste your precious time with all the jib jab.

so ready?
let's do it:

yes i made some placecards to show you the finished product but decided to write down my merry message to you just for this blog post.
unless of course your name and 2 other members of your family's name is merry
with another family member named christmas
then these placecards are for you.
would that then make you merry sr., and then the kids 
merry jr. and a merry...uh junior junior?
holy christmas that would make it tricky when you call someone to dinner. 
maybe the back of the placecards will 
help identify whose who?
regardless, i'm telling all of you:


Monday, December 18, 2017

diy christmas light picture

at the christmas craft party i had a few weeks ago,
everyone made (or at least attempted lol)  
a diy christmas light picture.

holy christmas cow was it ever a blast!
there was paint on the floor, glitter all over the tables 
and merry hearts all around.

 there are tons of tutorials and ways to make 
a canvas light art piece but i took it 
a few steps further.

before i get ahead of myself, 
here are the first steps:
if you have a silhouette or cricut, 
you already know there are tons of christmas phrases you can purchase or get for free. 
if you don't, you can find a ton online. 
i picked the "let it snow" from the silhouette store.

when you have all your lights pushed thru the canvas, 
hot glue the loose wires and battery pack on the back. 
be sure to have the battery pack accessible to open it up and change the batteries!

after i got everything stabilized,
 i saw i had 173,258 little christmas doodads 
in my craft room so i got to work.

seal the phrase with more mod podge and 
allow the whole thing to dry.
then add some pom pom trim.  i got this one at home goods cuz 
i flippin' LOVE that store.
i just hot glued the trim to the edge of the canvas.
and woolah!
you're done.
i know christmas is next week but this 
would make a really cute gift you think?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

christmas winter wonderland party tables

oh i am sooo far behind in christmas posts 
but with good reason.

today i wanted to show you what i was up to the past week 
at a work christmas winter wonderland party that 
i was in charge of decorating.

i made a few buffet tables with some products from 
my fave party company oriental trading
the ultimate christmas headquarters for some really cool stuff!

ok so let's start.
here's the buffet table i created 
for all the pot luck dishes:
first lemme show you these 
beau-tee-ful snowflakes i used.
i just pinned 2 of them to the white cloth backdrop 
i got at the fabric store.
 these jumbo iridescent snowflake are about a foot tall and a foot wide and are super shiny!

we weren't allowed to be hang anything at the party place we rented so i pinned this garland to the tablecloth like so:
i folded the front of this snowflake garland
to have a 3-d effect but if you were to hang it, you would get a full snowflake.

so now lemme tell you this,
sometimes things come from heaven and 
smack you right in the eye.
such was the case when i was driving down my street one day and happened to see this at the end of my neighbor's driveway for the garbage man to pick up:
my heart skipped a beat and i did a double take! i couldn't believe it was exactly what 
i wanted without even knowing i needed it!

i spray painted it as you can see then 
added some glitter and pom pom trim.
my snow village fit on it perfectly! yippee!
i would've put the larger snow homes on the top shelf but didn't want to block the merry christmas sign.
regardless, it still worked to my delight,
even though my hubby now calls me a scrapper. lol
i was also able to winterize the counter for the coffee buffet with a simple snowflake runner.
it's not on a table but heck this snowflake runner still worked don'tcha think?

next up is the set up for all the desserts:
no backdrop for this table but i think it still worked out,
with the help of some lovely light up decor.
i got 2 mini white light-up trees and had the large one from a previous party i had. these mini trees were a perfect size on each end of the table.

and the light up glitter icicle fringe was a blinking border that really caught everyone's eye toward all the sweets displayed.

both of these are battery powered so there was no worries about ugly cords showing.

next up is the winter log next to santa.
this merry christmas table top sign had faux metal letters, was lightweight and had a touch of faux snow on it. i added the poinsetta to match the rest of the decor.

i think everything came together nicely for everyone's desserts they brought.
some of the treats i made were snowball cookies, m&m cookies, and mini hot cocoa mug cake pops.

i did make my cookies to match the decor too cuz that's what happens when one has christmas OCD like me. 
my friends call me an elf. lol
then last i also had these that i am gonna use on 
christmas day for my own family.

you have to squish the snowballs for the light to stay on and the mugs are HUGE and oh so fun! 

plush light up snowballs

winter snowflake plastic mugs
look here

so there you have it!
now you know why i had to take a few days off from "elfing"!
but no worries cuz i am back again on a roll with 
the 10 or so days til the big day!
cuz i sure don't wanna disappoint buddy the elf!

for this review i was provided the party supplies free of charge by Oriental Trading Company. 
no other type of compensation was received for this review and i provided my own 100& honest opinion.