Thursday, January 30, 2014

football helmet pb oreo truffle pops

it's my son's birthday very soon and he decided on a football party.
lucky for me, it's superbowl season so i could get an overabundance of football ideas.

but i think i am going to my SIL's for a superbowl party.
and lots of the girls there are interested in football and talk the talk that is totally not me.

i just like the treats.

so i was looking for a football themed treat that didn't look like a football just for something different. when i stumbled upon thisi knew i had to make them.
they require only 4 ingredients, 
and there is no baking involved.
funny though, 
i did learn something about football while making these.

did you know how closely football and ducks are related?
well, neither did i. perhaps i can incorporate that into a conversation when i go to the party for some superbowl talk.

anyway, i took the supplies,
pulverized the oreos, smashed the cream cheese in it, smooshed the dough to make a bunch of balls and then tackled them on the side to make an indent.
(how's that for football talk?)

but the real challenge was breaking the pretzels.
i only wasted 99.9% of the bag doing it the wrong way til i figured out the right way.

if you don't want to waste pretzels, i advise doing it the right way...
you can fight with the pretzels while your truffles are in the fridge hardening.
and there you have the helmets...!

or are they?!?!?!
i think i just made a duck.

in fact, i made a bunch of ducks!

funny how one view can distort your whole view of something.

i think we need to finish these as ducks may not be a sensible treat for a football party.
so now these look like helmets.

hey is that the aflac duck?
i think he would like these pops along with some quackers and cheese.

so much for football talk.
what a quack.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

rice krispies valentine jewelry box

ok so when i made these they totally came out different than what i had envisioned.
seems like that is happening a lot around here lately.

anyway, let's see what maniacal thing i created this time.

make the tops of the hearts with about 1/2 of one krispie bar and smash it down into the mold so it's about 1/4 inch or so thick. follow the same directions for the tops as you did the bottoms.

now let's cover them in candy melt.

so decorate the tops any way you want. 
i did it using a toothpick and vanilla bark cuz i stinkeroo at piping.

now comes the interesting part.
i put real earrings in there.
 my original idea was to make candy earrings or jewelry but heck o'mighty i couldn't get them to fit so i got 100% annoyed, threw them away and said to myself, 
"i should just put real ones in there for cryin' out loud."

then eureka! 
i said 
so i did.
and rings would work and necklaces too if you wrap them up small enough.

oh and use food safety bags so you won't poison the person you give these to cuz i think that would kinda screw up the love part of this.
oh happy day when you get some jewelry in an edible valentine box! 
(oh and don't forget to link up your valentine fun here!

Friday, January 24, 2014

it's a BIG GIANT valentine link party!

Valentine link party Design Dazzle Valentine's is such a fun, sweet and LOVEly holiday! 
it will be here soon-so we wanted to have a BIG GIANT Valentine Link party to celebrate! 

nineteen of our favorite bloggers are participating. we know YOU have some awesome ideas to share! simply link up your inspiring projects and creative ideas below. feel free to link up new projects as well as any past projects that you want to share. at the end of our link party, we will feature some of our favorite Valentine projects and ideas! link party runs from January 24 - February 3rd.

when you link up to our party, 

it will show up on ALL the following participating blogs:

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so c'mon and link up some Valentine LOVE:)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

football yardline jello snacks

super bowl's coming!
so let's talk about how much i know football.


ok so now that that's over with,
i do know about football treats.
here's a fun one for all your football party needs and it doesn't even look like a football!

and cute tiny bowls.
there are 8 clear bowls in each set.
i used 2 sets of the clear plastic bowls for a total of 16.
party city has clear square appetizer bowls that would work too if you don't have these.

ok so now let's get mixin'!
mix it all together to get a yummy milk mixture then,
actually the milk sets up even faster than that-just check after 10-15 minutes since the volume is so small. 
make sure each layer sets before adding the next layer.

now to add one more detail:
i flipped the jello upside down to write the numbers on the opposite sides.
then line 'em up to make a jello yardline!

you can actually cut the condensed milk part of this in half or even less if you're good at stuff like that since you don't need much 
you can make more green/gelatin jello to make more yardlines and use the whole condensed milk part. 

anyway, i was able to make 16 yardline snacks and use up all the lime jello. i had no idea how much jello/milk i would need when i set out to make these because of the bowl sizes but mostly it's cuz this treat's about football and you know how smart i am in that subject.

i actually made another jello treat that i will share with you in the near future where i used up the leftover milk part (and there was a lot leftover!).
i originally got this idea from the famous rainbow jello everyone makes (i followed this one but just made all the layers one color as you can see). it's the jello that only takes 99 gazillion hours to make cuz you have to wait for each layer to set. 
well, you can do it that way if you want and just cut the squares out but these set faster cuz they were in cute individual bowls so i could add the numbers to it.
you like?
you can top them off with football paraphernalia from party city to make it look like you are such a brain when it comes to football!
ok so not really that smart. 
but the treat is interesting enough i think.
now if they really played on a jello field i may actually be interested in the game...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

funny "we-go-together" valentine cake pops

i'm a holiday head.
meaning, i go cray cray over holidays, 
if you hadn't guessed by now.

i start in july.
i get hives if they're not celebrated 
(and no i don't mean mine)
national donut day?
ask me what i'm eating june 6th.

anywho, aside from the fact that i LOVE holidays,
 i do have a holiday i am not so cray cray about.
and that holiday my lovelies,
is valentine's day.

mush mush kissy kissy gobbledee gook sweetie pateetie,
i am so not into.

thank goodness for sweet treats though, 
cuz they are what help me get through the lovers' holiday.

and so sweet treats i made!
these are my couples cake pops.
totally meant to be together.

check 'em out.

freeze the cake pops with an inserted candy melt lollipop stick and get the following ready:

i kept counting the speech bubbles to be sure i didn't miss the 2 that were supposed to be in the box of 12...
nope! just 10.
hope mr. wilton doesn't need math to decorate any geometric cakes... 
once the cake pops are dipped, use food markers to decorate (curse the food markers once or twice when they refuse to cooperate).

and i just realized i didn't show the other supplies-oopsies!
candy glue some eyes, make smiles with red frosting, and cut up some lemon mike and ike candy, sticking them in the fry bag as soon as you dip the cake pop in melted bark.
(this'll make more sense below when you see the fry bag).

and woolah! you're done.
you just made a lovers' retreat.

ok we get the picture.
let's see what they think about each other...
oh that sunny side up egg wastes no time to get her bacon.
and that pizza's got some spicy language.
and crustless bread is something my son loves. 

oh and it looks like the cheese and cookie 
picked up similar lines...

so there ya go.
couples that were meant to be together.
like this one.

oh my!
you can just feeeel the love!

looks like things are gettin' steamy.

oh why yes yes of course!
sorry monsieur!

looks like this couple didn't exactly work out.

oh well,
think i'll just leave it at that and head over to mickey d's to see if i can make eye contact with some fries.