Tuesday, October 31, 2017

my 2017 halloween round-up


fifty+ some years ago give or take a decade(i wish! lol)
i was a mere 6-7 pounds...

a lot of change has happened since then,
which should occur i guess cuz i really don't wanna be a mere 6-7 pounds...

that would be hard to reach the gas pedal and as much as adulting is difficult,
i do like to drive to my nearest craft store.

enough silliness. 
let's get down to business as we rewind and recap my free candy nite halloween posts for 2017!
(just click on the link below the pic to be taken to the post)

first up, 
i'll show you how to keep your head amongst you, or at least in the hands of a skeleton's.

then when you have your head,
grab some chocolate chips and condensed milk and a halloween mold to make these guys.

wanna try something even easier?
how do these skellies sound?

or you can just buy them along with other skeleton madness.

speaking of madness, these guys are cranky!

and these guys are spooky silly!

now here's something you can put those spooky scary silly treats in.

these ghouls will fit in there too.

but whatever you fit, hope it's a bunch of candy bars in your mouth and a really soft pillow to lie on!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

chocolate chip ghoul cookies

hey how about one more halloween treat for the weekend?
this one is sooooper doooper easy.

halloween chocolate chip ghoul cookies.
just grab these add-ons:
and use this cookie dough cuz 
who's got time to make cookies from scratch?!
there's too much candy eating giving 
to do for halloween!
just bake as directed. then once they come out of the oven,
immediately add the candy melt mouths.
then the eyes.

well, i'm screaming cuz these darn guys don't look halloweeny enough.

lemme get some white sunflower seed candy and do this:
so there you have it.

some silly screamers.
don't think any dentist can fix these guys!...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

cupcake liner trick or treat bags

hey i got a super duper easy peasy 
halloween craft for you today.

cupcake liner trick or treat bags:
it's just basically this:

grab some ribbon and hot glue to make a handle.
and there you have it.
a super duper easy peasy   
basic tute for a basic craft.

(yawn! that was kind'of a boring post for me! lol)

Monday, October 23, 2017

monster fudge

i love molds.
no, not the kind that grows in hot humid places or around cheese, but the kind you make stuff out of.

why i love molds so much i have about a billion of them.
cuz how else am i supposed to make guys like these 
without a mold?
monster fudge.
they are kinda crazy but i kinda sorta flipped when i came across the mold at michael's.
aren't they cute?
i mean, as monsters go. you can make pretty much anything outta them like ice cubes or jello jigglers or truffles or whatever but today i'm making easy fudge.

i played with some candy melts to add more design to the monsters by using a toothpick to add the candy melt over the details.
then i used an old reliable fudge recipe where you nuke a can of condensed milk and a bag of white chocolate chips together at 30 second increments to make the fudge. 
then i colored the fudge in small portions.
while the fudge was still a little warm, i was able to fill the molds real quick and then freeze until firm.
then i flipped them over outta the mold 
and played with my food.

these guys are silly, not scary, just the way i like my halloween to be :)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

skeleton pumpkin "i lost my head" halloween centerpieces

ok so i tried not to have a halloween party this year. i mean there is a TON of debris ALL OVER the roads from hurricane irma that have yet to be picked up by the city. but i do not forsee that coming soon. 
so i guess i'm having a halloween party anyway, and just think the debris are little haunted forests 
scattered all over the place. :>P

i'd probably lose my head if i didn't host one 
cuz i've been doing it forever.

speaking of losing my head, 
i made some party table centerpieces:
i have no idea what to call these so 
i am just calling them as i see them,
skeleton pumpkin i lost my head centerpieces.

here's how to make these super easy table centers.
it's as simple as just putting supplies together.
that one dollar tree arrow is pointing to what's inside the jar, which is a styrofoam cone.

actually everything was a dollar except the pumpkin jars,
they are posing as a dollar item in target's dollar aisle 
but are really $3.00.

anyway, here we go:
cut about a third of the cone as shown to leave room for the stuffing.

then follow the steps below:

here ya go...
hold on to that would ya already?!?!
i 'm tired of looking for it!
so maybe i just need practice at catching 
to hold on to my head?!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

swamp monster oreo bark

so i went to dollar tree and was looking for green candy for a halloween treat i had in mind.

at first i had circus peanuts in different colors and was just going to use the green ones but circus peanuts? really? uhhh...so i kept looking.

and then i saw these:
and for a dollar??? SCORE!

let's check 'em out shall we?
uhoh looks like the caramel distribution is not equal here...no worries, it'll still work and 
what did i expect for a dollar?

ok so let's get these monsters awake.

why does this monster make me giggle instead of scream?

and look at all of them--
they're just chilling.

do they even look like monsters?
oh my!
that's more like it.

but they do have attitude so i'm gonna stick them in the fridge on top of their wrappers to chill out while 
i continue with the treat making.

let's get some oreos and crush them and scatter them on a sliver circle tray i got at the dollar tree too.

and then let's melt some candy melts...
ok so we'll take the melted candy melt, pour it unevenly in drops over the crushed oreos,shake to smooth out the colors, and play with the colors to get a swamp lake...
ok so maybe i played with the colors too much?... 

time to get those angry attitude swamp monsters out of the fridge and put them back where they belong,
in the water.
space them apart as shown:
keep going with the random spacing til they're all in the swamp lake.
hey you monster!
stop yelling! 
you should be happy you are back in the swamp!
well if you don't like it, you can leave.
no wait!!! come back!
uh oh, i chilled them out in the fridge again but looks like i'm gonna have to separate them. they still look awful angry...

hey check out the cool bark layers!
i think these monsters need more time to chill out don't you?