Tuesday, March 31, 2015

easter basket butter cookies

hey where've ya been all my life?
why i haven't been around here since uh...
whoa! another post?!

told ya i went crazy over spring break.
i had bunny on the brain disease.

but today's treat involves teeny tiny bunnies but still with lotsa sugar.

here ya go:
holy bunny folks these are SOOOOO good!

it does require some shopping though.
oh gosh you GOTTA try these butter cookies!
they're thin and buttery and i wanna buy each and every box at world market.
there are 10 in a box but i only made 8 cookies cuz i'm not sure where the other 2 went.......burp!

they look like waffles but right away they remind me of baskets.
and their shape is perfect for easter too.

so these bunnies are to die for.
now let's gather some more sugar.

ok you'll need to cut the grass in tiny pieces. but i do suggest using a scissors instead of a lawn mower...
and you probably figured out how to make these already but here are the steps anyway cuz for some reason i like to work too hard.

you'll need some chocolate frosting. 
believe it or not i actually made some from scratch instead of taking the short cut and use canned frosting.

you of course can use your fave chocolate frosting but i used this finger-lickin' frosting recipe and again that yummy word came outta my mouth!

thank goodness you can be a piss poor piper to make these.

i declare myself a piss poor piper!
call me TRIPLE P.

wrap 'em up in cellophane bags with a bow and you've got easter baskets to go.

all you gotta do is add a tag that says 
that is, if you are one but i highly doubt it.

Monday, March 30, 2015

easter egg bunny bottom brownies

so here i am again for the how many days in a row now of blogging?
i'm gonna need a blog vacation once easter's over!
this is soo not like me! 

but hey i want to show you what i did with the other half of the white easter eggs i had when i made my celebrity lady singer eggs. LOL 
(you'll only get this if you read that post)

but i am serious about the other half of the eggs cuz look what i did with them:
they are surprise-inside treats except the surprise is on the outside of the treat instead of baked inside.

well, look again:
of course i was inspired by all the bunny butt treats out there but i wanted to make a different kinda bunny bottom treat cuz well, 
i am just a weirdo and always try to do things outside the box.

anyway, they're pretty darn easy to make.
here's what you need:

and the bunny kit is from target (sigh) again.

first make your brownies and while they are baking, 
make the bunny bottom using melted candy for the glue.
super duper easy right?!
and the reason you want the eggs cold is so the candy hardens real quick and makes the tail and feet easier to stick.

so now your brownies have beeped done in the oven. what next?

once the brownies have completely cooled, 
grab the filling stuff.

put these on the easter table until you tell the kids they MUST eat their carrots before they go on the easter egg hunt.
and tell them feet and tails are on the menu too.

you think they'll mind?

and CONGRATS to JUDI for winning my 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

peep macarons

let me start by saying i am in NO way a macaron expert.
in fact, you should call me a macaron semi-noncomformist because those rules about weighing ingredients and such are things i throw out the window.
99% because i wanna take the short cut.

but knowing macarons are called finicky,
i did follow some rules (i'm not that much of a rebel) 
and made these:
jeepers i thought someone out there already made peep macarons but googling them did not give me these. 
so here ya go.

i followed martha's recipe like i've done many times in the past when i made these, these, these, and heck you're not even gonna click on "these" anyway so i'll be quiet.

anyway, the recipe works for me and i really hope you get to making some cuz dang they sure are yummy and squishably cute.
ok so i take that back about being a nonconformist cuz i did follow martha's recipe and actually find it funny she didn't mention any strict rules about weighing 
and using room temp eggs. 

but you gotta check out this video from beth cuz if you're visual like me, this video REALLY helps.
i just approximated about 1/4-1/3 cup of the mix 
for each color.
it was just a huge spoon actually from the spatula i used.
sorry i'm so imprecise! 

so how do you get peep shapes? 
cuz you'll need a template right?
well i thought about drawing one and then said to myself,
"self, you know there's a peep printable out there!"
so then i remembered seeing a peep game on 
i got my template :)

the sprinkles bled just a tiny bit especially on the pink ones but i think they still came out ok.
this was one of Beth's macaron rules.
my oven's cukoo and old so some got over baked a tiny bit while others didn't but such is life.
if you want the filling recipe i used, 
check it out here when i made my first macarons.
(dang there's a lot of links to this post!)
i divided the filling in 6 equal parts and used my emulsions for different flavors-
lemon for the yellow peeps, 
orange for the orange peeps,
raspberry for the purple peeps,
etc etc.

i get the emulsions from homegoods or ross and lemme tell ya they add sooo much more flavor than extracts and you only need a few drops of flavoring.

so there you have it.
a bunch of bunnies.
don't think these bunnies have a chance to multiply cuz they'll be eaten up pretty quickly.

so i hope you hip hoppity hop to it and make some :)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

fancy bonnet lady eggs

oh goodness.
i went crazy over spring break making TONS of easter stuff.

oh goodness.
easter's next Sunday already.

oh goodness.
how the heck am i gonna share everything before then?
oh well, guess whatever will be, will be.

i should just do what this lady's doing:
realizing i have an over abundance of easter eggs lying around, i married a couple together. 
the colored eggs i've had forever and the white eggs are from hobby lobby.
 i don't know about you but i put all my eggs in one basket box and some of them just happen to merge together.
thus this idea came up.

so then i decided to dress them up.

it's another easter bonnet craft.
i made little ones here in case you have no clue what i'm talking about.
ok they need faces,
and hair.
i know this step may be a little difficult to follow since i have no pattern for you but heck hair is hair and i think any pattern will work really. 
even strips and triangles as you'll see in a sec.

check out the dotted green arrow in the pic to see which pattern made each hairdo.

when i glued the strips and triangles, i just layered them any old way, leaving space for the forehead.
hey man-whassup with that?!
straighten up lady!
now attach the white face egg back to the colored one to get one heckuva fancy egg lady.

you like it?
they remind me of Beyonce 
with the flowing hair thing going on.
they need to be on display y'know?
thus explains the next step.
when you gather them all together, go out to your yard and find a tree to hang them on and take some pics.
never mind that Mr. and Mrs. Jones next door are nonchalantly staring at you wondering why you are taking pics of heads hanging off your front yard tree.
hey don't stare back ladies! that's not polite!
you tell 'em lady gaga!
err, i mean whoever you are, pink egg lady...
ok that's better.
just hanging out with your fancy hair, 
your hole that looks like a cindy crawford mole (i'm talking to you miss black haired egg lady),
and your pouty botox lips.
hey wanna improve their looks (at least on the inside)? 
do this:

you're welcome carrie underwood.

oh i got one more thing for ya.
why do i feel like i need to fix my hair now? 

oh and here's one more annoying reminder to enter the giveaway here going on til the 30th...