Tuesday, February 26, 2013

st. patrick's day silly leprechaun bottles

we don't really celebrate st. patrick's day at my house. 

one year we went to the parade downtown and spent the better part of it looking for a parking space and caught the end of the parade. 

another year we went to a pub and i wasn't real crazy about the food.

and still another year we just looked at each other and said "happy st. patty's day" and that was that.

but this year, i plan on something a little festive, i mean besides wearing green so we won't get pinched even though i am the complete opposite of looking like i'm irish.

anyway, i made these for the kids:
yes they are silly.
wanna make some?
just drink a starbuck's frappucino,
 remove the labels,
 and clean the bottle.

head to michael's for the supplies, 
and follow the steps on the pics below:

i only peeled part of the back of one of the mustache stickers so the ends stick out. 
and the other little "heart" that you get when you cut your shamrock sticker gets pitched.
you can glue the hats on the lid if you like, 
or just leave them off.
ok so that's about it!

have fun with them :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

mini reese's cup easter baskets

hippety hoppity
easter's on its waaaaaay!!!

is it?
but it's only FEBRUARY! 

no matter,
for i have learned in blogland,
holidays come at least one month earlier than the rest of the world.

so Halloween is in September,
Thanksgiving is in October,
and Christmas?
well, anything posted after the 20th just becomes eye candy.

so it's February and Easter it is!

let's start with my first easter treat.

let's gather our supplies from stores like jo-ann's, walmart and/or any grocery and get them ready first.
ok our candy supplies are ready!
next up is to grab some lollipop sticks and melt some chocolate almond bark or candy melts or whatever ya got and begin the process.
now grab some 3x4 inch treat bags.
then stick a skewer inside the bag and:
next grab some ribbon and add a tag like so:
tie your ribbon, 
write an easter message on the tag, 
here's a closer look.
ok here's one 1 more:
so what do you think?
do you like them or did i blind you with all the colors?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

soccer cleat red velvet cake bites

kick me.
that's the sign someone should've put on my back 
when i came up with this idea.

cuz making these will probably 
but the results are worth it in the end. 

if you've been reading my blog for a little bit, you know that i had a sports party for my son and have been making sports themed treats such as this, this, this and this.

i had to include soccer so when 
i thought of making soccer balls, 
all the little hexagons and polygons about threw me over the edge!

so i settled on the shoes.
it's one of the few and rare times that you ever get a chance to eat a shoe and have it be perfectly socially acceptable.

but before we get to the making of these shoes, there are a few simple rules to follow:

1. please pretend the shoes are formed into a perfect cleat and not a baby shoe.
2. please do not call the swoosh company and report me for using their logo. i am just a mere little person in this big world making edible shoes for personal use only.
3. please pretend you are seeing consistent black coloring of these shoes and that i am a pro at photography 
(cough cough)
4. please know i am no expert cake pop/bite/dessert maker and most of the time i make things up as i go. i would not recommend these shoes however, to first time cake pop makers. you will most likely never make cake pops ever again if you do.

ok are we ready?
let's do this.

you'll need:
red velvet cake and frosting of your choice
(i bought some whoopie pies-what you want me to make the cake too? uh, no thank you)
black and white candy melts
black candy sunflower seeds
black and white twine
skewers for dipping
patience (not optional)

got everything?
(i am working on that last ingredient but did manage to use what i had to complete this)

ok first let's get the basic form ready.
(if you've never made cake pops, 
i suggest you google it and you will get 99 million ways to do it.)
freeze your cleats til firm.
then go the next steps.
the shoe needs detail so, 
and then again, more detail.

that's add SOME! 
ugh. let's move on.
then repeat 72,000 times cuz you are making them for a sports party and one shoe will not be enough.
but you gotta have at least 2 y'know?
one thing about these shoes,
they smell much much better than the real thing.
which of course if you have any males in your life,
this is always a good thing.

Friday, February 15, 2013


today is a special day.
it's the day my parents went to heaven together.

i was 21 years old.

and when i think about life now, 
as opposed to how life would've been,
 my mind tells me, 

life is not ours. 
and that it is waaaaay too short 
for worry and fret.
and heck yeah i worry and fret,
but then my angels lift me up again.
my mom always said she wanted to be a nurse.
but she already was.

and my dad was the best teacher.
i have 2 angels that give me life
and help me along the way.
every. single. minute.
blogging is my way of healthy fun. 
it's also a way to meet 
some of my earth angels.

thank you for being part of my daily smile you give to me.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

HAPPY HEART DAY! valentine peep cupid arrows for you

roses are red,
violets are blue...

well, actually i think violets are purple but...

hey! let's stay on track shall we?

ok. where were we?
oh yeah.

roses are red,
violets are blue.
are you sick of heart treats?
yeah. me too.

roses are red.
violets are blue.
so how many have you pinned?
one thousand and 2?

roses are red.
violets are blue.
another heart treat is here!
so it's one thousand and 3 for you.
roses are red.
violets are blue.
these arrows are easy.
takes about a minute or 2.

roses are red.
violets are blue.
so that'll give you enough time,
to tie your shoe.

aw man.
that was really dumb.

take two on that last verse please.

lights! camera! action.

roses are red.
violets are blue.
do i think you're a sweetie?
well of course i do!

ok that's better.
it's a wrap.

<3 happy heart day <3