Friday, October 31, 2014

happy free candy nite!

hey it's my birthday! and i'm another year older-scary stuff!
so to help celebrate, everyone will be giving out FREE candy-
just stop by their house and say "Trick or Treat" and 
i guarantee they will give you something sweet as your TREAT.
unless they are lame-lol

and for your TRICK,
here are some rather hilarious funnies for you but beware of the sick humor/graphic pics, as they completely 
crack me up to no end!




Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 halloween round-up

uh oh...
we only have 4 more days til the big trick or treat nite and i have 4000 more things i wanna make and do. 

guess i will have to save those ideas for 2015.

in the meantime, here's my 2014 ideas in case you missed any!
so let's take 'em one by one shall we?
just click on the caption below the pic to get to the post.
1. you guys sure liked these witches. 
it's a popular post.
it's weird cuz the idea came to me in the middle of the day while i was at work (see how much i focus on nursing? :>P) so i came home and really had no idea what i was going to do and they just kinda happened.
2. you know those cute spider treats all over blogland?
well i wanted to make some too cuz i love eyeball treats but was short on time. 
these are a lickety-split goodie you can whip up in no time. yay! these are just down right silly. 
and quite fun if i do say so myself.
4. ok so these cookies were an idea i had last year but never got around to them. originally i wanted to make the whole body but holy heck what was i thinking? 
these are real fun and i think the kiddies would get a kick outta changing their masks.
5. perhaps the most unoriginal of my halloween ideas this year but golly gee you gotta make some pumpkin treat if you're a blogger right?
 6. these guys make me laugh every time i see them.
not sure if it's their big heads or knowing that i morphed them with dollar tree skeleton bodies.
7. yes i am an adult. 
and yes i still like stickers.
no...i LOVE stickers actually. 
especially when they are 3-D and can stick on pumpkins!
8. now these krispie bags were a lot of fun to make. i had fun playing with them, the weirdo that i am.
9. every year i make some sorta frankenstein treat.
this year i finally brought the wife along.
and seeing i missed her last year, i made 2.
 10. then finally my mason jar fetish that i carved into a pumpkin.never mind that i have real mason jars in front of me waiting to be used.
guess i'll save those for next year's halloween post too?

so there you have it.
my whole kit and kaboodle silly crazy halloween round-up.
hope it's a treat for you! 

aww heck, halloween tricks are fun too right?! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

chalkboard haunted neighborhood pumpkin

well in one week it'll be the night of 
haunted neighborhood partying.

there is something quite magical about halloween night, when the cool breeze hits your face and the sounds of excited little monsters and princesses roam the street and adults scream at teens for emptying the candy buckets of their neighbors who aren't home to pass it out.

i think we should make a momento of the night don't you?
i started by getting a faux big pumpkin at jo ann's.
i used a white chalk marker for the drawing i made free hand.

the pics don't show the light that great but 
it casts a cool dotted shadow. 
so there you have it:
here's hoping all the mummies and ghosts you meet will be friendly ones.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

witch's brew ingredient mason jar pumpkins

ahh. mason jars.
chances are if you are reading this, 
you love mason jars as much as i do.
i have about a million of them lying around.

so i wanted to do some sorta mason jar halloween thing and nothing original came to mind seeing there are about a gajillion halloween jars in blogland already.

so i compromised and made these pumpkins instead.
yup i carved the mason jars instead.
and each pumpkin only took me about 15 minutes. 
easy peasy.

sorry no pattern for the jar-i just drew it freehand. but it's better i think, to have the jars look different anyway.
i got the eyeball candy at dollar tree too but one bag was not enough to fill the pumpkin. 
so i used the kisses i already had to fill it up.

i colored the lid as shown to give it more interest. and to look more halloweenish cuz i don't think witches have nice clean mason jars with nice clean lids lying around.
then i made 2 more. 

any kind of candy will work for these pumpkins, this is just what i had on hand at 10:45pm when i started these (yikes!). 
just let loose and be creative and before you know it you'll have a whole slew of ingredients to make your witch's brew.
okie dokie, good luck with that!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

spiderweb mom and baby cookies

do spiders give you the heebie jeebies?
i had a roommate once who screamed at the top of her lungs every time she saw a spider.
i'd be in my room watching tv when all of a sudden there was this blood curdling scream that scared me half to death only to find out it was a teeny tiny spider and my roommate would be jumping on her bed and pointing to the spider speck.

it certainly didn't help that we had a LOT of spiders in that florida apartment.

it got to be so that i would just get up at the clang of the scream, grab the broom, whisk the spider outside, all the while not saying a word, while my roomie freaked out. 
ahhh the memories.

i shoulda made her these cookies.
perhaps she woulda ended up liking spiders after all.
have you tried these new cookie sheets? 
i got them at walmart.
man what a time saver!
and they're yummy too :)
i got the cookie cutter but when i used the spider, the legs kept getting stuck in the cutter so all i got was 
this oval body thing. 
so i compromised.
by making little dough balls.
too bad they don't stay puffy.
they're cute.

so let's make them cuter.

i just used betty crocker cookie icing. 
everything ready made to make these cookies. 
that way they're done and done in a little over 1/2 hr.

are all these spiders giving you the heebie jeebies?
i hear when you have them you can't see straight.
you ok?

well gosh spider mom, you just had like what, 
a thousand babies? 
give yourself a break.
i guess you figure i do not get the heebie jeebies when it comes to spiders. 
but i do thinking what it would be like to be a mom of a thousand kids.
so one more time to test your heebie jeebieness with spiders.
just stare at the next picture for a minute or two.
how'd you do?
if you got them one way to cure it,
(whatever the heck heebie jeebies are by the way
is to eat them...