Monday, May 21, 2012

mmmm-mini cherry cheesecakes

wanna know a secret?

you can fool someone into thinking you are some kinda gourmet pastry chef!

not that foolin' someone is good, but rather fun for a second, until they find out your secret is really not a secret at all.

cuz there are no secrets when you post something on the internet.

like on that ef bee site.
yeah, that is pretty much public knowledge.

and you will want to post this recipe,
believe you me!

cuz this recipe,
this needs to be public knowledge.

so let's make everyone a gourmet pastry chef and call it a day OK?
these cheesecakes are dang good and i am not even foolin'.

my mom made them all the time which makes me especially LOVE them.

try them and let me know what you think.

i will have your pastry chef's hat
waiting for you!

recipe below...

mmmmm-mini Cherry Cheesecakes

approx. 50-60 vanilla wafers
mini cupake liners
2 packages of softened cream cheese(8 oz each)
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
2 slightly beaten eggs
cherry pie filling

1. line each cupcake liner with a vanilla wafer. this will be the crust of your cheesecake. try to get the wafer in the center of the liner- you may need to break it in pieces to fit.
put that aside and make the filling.
2. cream together cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and eggs til smooth.
3. spoon about 2/3 of the vanilla wafer laden cupcake liners with the cream cheese filling.
4. bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until center of cheesecake comes clean when poked with a toothpick.
5. immediately remove baked cheesecake out of pan and allow to cool completely.
6. top each cheesecake with 3 cherries and syrup from the pie filling.
7. refrigerate before serving
YIELD: 2 (30 cheesecakes each)
YIELD: 50-60 wowza! have a cheesecake party :)

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