Friday, November 30, 2012

mini christmas cups of cocoa on a stick

it's brilliant isn't it?

 what is it with sticks on food anyway?
if you put a whole ham on a stick, would it make it cuter?
probably. funny lookin' yes, but cute.

well, hot cocoa on a stick is not a new idea here.
but gosh darn it, it looks so cute when it's all wrapped up and i once again fall prey to the presentation evilness that gets me every time!

i mean, putting a dead rat on a stick with a purrtee sparkly ribbon around its neck will probably make me wanna check it out.

it's awful i know!

look at this:
yes, you are seeing that right.
it'll make anyone do this:
wanna know how to make them?

well, i wasn't about to reinvent the wheel with a new hot cocoa on a stick recipe, so i just used my ole friend mr. google and he brought me to this recipe.

10 minutes to make? 

so one day about a month or so ago, while at tj maxx (a very dangerous store by the way, don't go in there unless you want to give away your money), i came across a weird honeycomb mold. i thought, "well, this is different...maybe i'll have a honeybee party or something and use it." knowing full well i wasn't going to have a honeybee party anytime in the near, like, 20 years. but i got it anyway. (see? it's a very dangerous store)

but alas!
i DID use it and made these.
hexagonal cube things of hot cocoa on a stick.
i wasn't impressed. 
even with a stick in it.
what in heavens is wrong with me?

anyway, i got to thinking and used this:
to do this:

cut this to get your handle,
(that blob of melted chocolate is the glue to attach it to the cup)

and this is what you get!
so you can now dunk the tiny cup in a big cup of warm milk.

it doesn't look christmasy?
well, i guess we can fix that if you choose to be insane like me.

how about this?
or really go bonkers and do this:
i used the extra white almond bark i had in the decorator bag and went a little nutty.
that last pic in the lower right corner is supposed to be a santa hat and not a capital D, but whatever. things like that happen when i choose to go overboard.
but at least now they look christmasy huh?
no more "meh".
oh i just love these!
now i gotta figure out another gift for my friends cuz i wanna keep them all to myself.
it pays to be bonkers sometimes.

merry merry!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

cool christmas buys

so yeah, i went black friday shopping and TOTALLY spent waaaaay toooo much.
jeepers i thought black friday was supposed to SAVE you money!

anyway, i wanted to make a quick post on some awesomeness that i bought, in hopes you can get them too.

first up are these:
oh how cute are these?
it's got my creative motor running full speed ahead!
and at 20% off now, they come to a score price of $3.20!
you will see these soon in a future post here,
 i just know it.

then i headed over to marshall's thinking "oh i'll just take a quick peek" as my kids roll their eyes and plan to hang out for the next hour or 2 at one of my fave stores ever.

that's when i came across a display that was dedicated to one of the cutest partylines.
none other than meri meri.

what really drew me in to fill up my cart right then and there are the PRICES!
man, you cannot beat the discount as compared to all the other places you can get them, online or otherwise.
go check marshall's out, as there are a ton more meri meri stuff there like this too:
and last but not least is something i WISH i bought at the store, sur la table.
but until i win the lottery, i will just have to drool over the cuteness.

well, i hope i didn't just empty your wallet with all this. but i do hope you get everything on your santa list!

Monday, November 26, 2012

christmas in a jar, part 1: winter wonderland dessert jars

hey all you carolers out there!
are you ready to sing your first song of the holiday season?

ok here we go, 
sing this to the tune of "jingle bells".

and a one,
and a two,
and a you know what to do.

dashing thru the store,
in a one horse open cart,
o'er the aisles we go,
laughing all the way!

ho ho ho

bells on my cart ring,
making spirits bright,
what fun it is to ca-create, 
a cool bell  jar tonite!

(sing it with me now)
oh what fun it is to see
in a one horse open c---art!

oh what fun it is to see

yay! yay! yay!
clap clap clap clap clap

man! you guys are GOOD!
so good in fact, i think i want to make you a treat.

let's start out with this!
i pulled out all the pennies from my couch cushions and went and bought this:
gotta love that "dollah" store!

then i got some stuff,
all of which are not pictured below cuz i am lame by the way and don't always plan my tutorials accordingly(cough cough)
but hopefully in my lameness for not taking all the supplies' pic, i painted and fancied up the lid for you!
i used these i got from michael's.
then i went and got more of my michael's supplies and,
now your jar is all prettied up.
let's put it outside for better lighting a sec for a prettier picture.

but wait!
what is happening here?
miracles DO happen during the holidays :)
hey now!
wait a minute!
that doesn't look like snow!?!?!

that looks like cut up angel food cake with the crust cut off to get only the white part of the cake.

yup, that's what that is.
so i'll stick some in my snowman head jar.

along with this, which i got the candy stuff at jo ann's:
and put it all together, just for you!
it's a winter wonderland.

let's make it even purrtier!

instead of the usual twine we all know and love,
i 'll use this instead.
i can play with it to shape it, unlike twine.

and now i'll get a spoon for you to enjoy the yumminess inside.
aw heck,
i'll go overboard since it's the holiday season and do the back of the jar too!
hoooooweeee! lookie!
the snow's coming again!
the only thing that would make this more perfect is to be buried in the snow, eating the angel-food-cool-whip-treat-dessert jar next to someone you love.

what's that you say?
what will your loved one eat whilst you munch away at this treat?

stay tune for part 2, which will come as soon as all this snow melts around me.
(update: part 2 here!)

oh how i long for snowy winters!

"a beautiful sight, we're happy tonite..."