Sunday, May 27, 2012

watermelon foil sparkler fruit bowl for memorial day

are you having a picnic this 3-day weekend?
do you need to bring something?

well, while in wal-mart, my eye caught this good lookin' girl:
 a little conceited yes,
all the more reason to show her huh?
show her what?

that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

so i stuck her in my cart along with a bunch of various other kinds of fruit and off i went to the cash register.

they say self pay is quicker at wal-mart.

not! i say!
the screen keeps telling me to bag the item when i already did for the 40th time so i stand there yelling at the cash register screen looking like a fool.

so no thanks to self-pay. i would rather wait a hundred minutes in the wal-mart line that wraps around the store and let the fruit get moldy before i go in that self-pay line.

ok, anyway,
i take the purrtty green girl home and:
i show her who's boss and not to act like "she's all that". i make melon balls out of her whole innards til all i have left is her rind. i throw her top rind away and cut her up some more,
and then put her aside for a little break. 

remember i said i bought various other fruit too? well, i cut some of those up in bite size pieces and:
you can get the sparkly toothpicks
Click here to view larger image
at michael's. they are $1.99 for 12.
use a 40% coupon and score for $1.20!

after you make your mini kabobs, set them aside. whatever fruit you might have left, add them to the melon balls you set aside in the beginning, and mix all together.

then add this to the watermelon bowl with the purrtty cut up decorations you made.

almost done.

you're not done torturing poor ms. drama watermelon yet. you can do this too:
 and poke some holes here and there amongst your stars with the sharp end of a meat thermometer. you can go all the way through the rind or not.

but yeah, you read that right.
use a meat thermometer.
a girl's gotta be resourceful these days in a tough economy!

now go back to your kabobs and stick them randomly on the top of your watermelon fruit- filled bowl and look!
much prettier you think?
cuz i can't ask ms. drama watermelon, her head is too stuffed right now she doesn't know what hit her! hehe 
 share amongst friends and family and get their opinion on ms. drama watermelon's new look.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day!
Remember all the men and women who died for our nation. God bless them!


  1. Beautiful! Happy Memorial Day.

    We are grateful for the ultimate sacrifice of our armed forces.

  2. Absolutely-may we always be grateful :)

  3. This is a great idea, made better by the fact you made the watermelon talk. ; ) LOVE it!

    1. Thank you Heather! Thank you! I have no idea why I make my food talk-I think my brain's fried from the Fl sun over here. LOL :)
      (oh and I am kinda freakin' out that YOU commented-you're like famous in my book!)


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