Thursday, December 31, 2015

candy-filled new year's eve party horns

well here it is the last day of 2015!
whew what a year.
let's end it with a bang shall we?

do you need a really quick and easy peasy 
party favor for tonite's festivites?
 will these do?
all you have to do is 
go to target and get these:
then grab some kisses or 
whatever kinda wrapped candy you want.
stuff the candy into the party horn 
(i got about 6 kisses in each) 
and bag them in pretzel bags.
grab some pretty ribbon 
(these i had leftover from christmas).
and tie around the top to get these pretties:
and there you have the 
noisiest and sweetest bouquet ever.
so you can eat the sweets first and 
then blow your horn!

now let's make some noise :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

top ten posts for 2015

hiyo people!
merry belated christmas and 
happy early new year!
hope yours was/will be all kinds of wonderful :)

as for me, man oh man oh man. 
what a whirlwind of a holiday it's been!
i am WIPED! 

but enough of my whining. 
i wanted to make a traditional end of the year post of my most popular posts for 2015.
so here we go from lowest to highest:
jeepers i thought these were made already and was surprised to find they weren't on a google search.
perhaps they are too scary and should go back into the water?
ahhh one of my fave dollar tree finds.
now i obsess when i go there, in hopes of more lights of a different shape/color to feed my said obsession.
well goodness these little guys were a spur of the moment idea that apparently was liked among many of you. 
i am hoping for more likable spur of the moment likeable ideas for this coming new year.
and as for these lovelies,
i had no idea they would be so likeable even though these treats are already lovable among themselves if that even makes any sense?

so whassup with all the animal likes anyway?
oh goodie look! 
here's a popular non-animal treat i made:
when i gave these out i got a resounding ahhhh! so cute!
and then i asked for the lids back. lol
there are those branch straws again.
i wonder if i can come up with another use of them?
perhaps maybe drinking out of them and actually using them as straws?
these are an automatic play with your food kinda treat.
now if only someone would sell fishing poles with real fish attached, 
it would keep a lot of dads home to do the dishes instead. lol
so hey when i made these, 
a few days later someone made them too.
i guess it is inevitable for someone to come up with similar ideas when there are only 10,0000,000,00,0,0,00,00,0,0,00 other food blogs or so (give or take a comma here and there).
this was a guest post i did originally and 
was glad i agreed to do so!
being a guest blogger makes me think outside the box sometimes ;)
we still use this light today.
and finally, NUMERO UNO
this post got triple views more than any other posts.
i must stay positive for 2016!

oh yeah!
i'm already on the right track with you being here.

Friday, December 25, 2015

a blessed merry christmas to all!

it's here! it's here!
the wonderful holiday is here!

and although i had about 4-5 more posts about cookies, crafts, and more holiday cheer than you can take,
with zero time to put it all together,
i do want to take the time to tell all of you,
i thank you from the bottom of my heart for making 
all my days merry and bright.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

giant santa & reindeer candy-filled canes

this post was originally posted on Design Dazzle's Christmas Wonderful Series.

when i think of christmas season, 
candy canes and reindeer come to mind.
something like this actually:
did you guys ever make a reindeer out of a candy cane? 
it's super duper easy but i wanted to do it 
a little different this time. 
i have no clue why things in mini and giant size are so fun 
but today i am making these candy canes in mega style.

here's what you'll need:
you can get the candy-filled canes at 
dollar tree or anywhere really. 
i was just going the cheap route to save up 
my coins for my family's christmas gifts. 
and besides that, you can get a bunch and 
make them for your kid's class too and it won't cost you an arm or leg :)

here's the how to:

and a couple more details.

like a smile for instance since there really 
isn't room on a regular size candy cane to 
make one, i took advantage of the space.

i just used some paint markers.
i think they need one more detail. 
like a bow around their neck?
i was thinking something else, like this:
hey that looks like...
it is! it's him!!!

now the reindeer are all set with 
the big man in red and white.
so HO! HO! HO! 
to all and to all a good night.
(for now)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

ugly sweater cake pops

oh my goodness i got a bit of 
the adrenaline christmas bug 
and made some cake pops for my co-workers.

there are 48 of them...

and then i dropped dead!

Friday, December 18, 2015

winter snow fun hoop art

oh the weather outside is sunny,
but JoAnn's is so delightful!
and since we've no place to go,
let us craft, let us craft, let us craft.
we all just keep on shopping,
and i'm broke but there's no stopping.
the money is way down low,
let us craft, let us craft, let us craft.

when we finally get it right,
how i hate screwing up all the time,
but if you'll really be patient,
all of the time we'll have fun!

my brain is slowly dying,
and my dear, we're still just sighing,
as long as we love to craft,
let us craft, let us craft, let us craft.
when we finally get it right,
how i hate pinning all of the time,
but if i really pin that right,
all the way home i'll be warm.
this post is slowly dying,
and my friend, we're still a spying.
but as long as you read this post,
let it be,
so i'll see,
you and me.
or not?!