Tuesday, May 1, 2012

mini cone pinatas

ay yi yi yi!
if you are planning on celebrating cinco de mayo this saturday, your kids may fancy this project.

you'll need
  • snocone cups
  • scissors
  • wrapping paper
  • pen or sharpie
  • glue
  • candy to fill pinata
  • pretty ribbon
  • tinsel garland
  • 2 inch circle or fancy shape hole puncher (optional)

it comes courtesy of brittany from one charming party. she's got the BEST ideas! when i saw this, it jumped at me so i decided to make my own version of it.

i had a carnival party way back in the day and had some leftover snocone cups.

or you can also ask your friendly neighborhood doctor for some in exchange for that enormous bill he will send you.
take your cup and cut it right to the tip.

now we have to cover it so we won't have ugly looking pinatas.

i used some polka dot wrapping paper to do the job.
(i am quite partial to polka dots as you probably guessed from looking at this crazy blog)

anyways, take your cut up cup and make patterns all over.
you will need 2 patterns per pinata.
when you cut them out, leave a little space on one side so the paper will overlap when you glue it on the cup. (you don't have to do this but i always give a little leeway
in case i screw up)now glue it to your snocone cup. just put glue on the outer borders so you will have less wrinkles.
stick with me-you are halfway thru!
pair your cones up and:
1.assemble your candy
2. make sure it fits in the cone cup
3.snip off a tiny end off one of the
paired cones' tip to make 
4. a hole to pull the loop ribbon thru  
now you need to cut approx. 5 inch pieces of ribbon and tie the ends to form a loop. remember you only need
one loop per pinata.

next take a safety pin and put the looped ribbon inside it.

 now take the looped ribbon with the pin, pull the pin thru the hole in the cup tip, and remove the pin.
            you are now ready to glue them together.
use a hot glue gun to dab spots here and there on the edge of one cone.

i wouldn't recommend gluing the entire rim of the cup to the other. the kids can get the candy easier that way without ripping up your hard worked creation. they just pry their little fingers in the spaces between the glued areas and grab the candy!
if you want to put a label on your pinata, i used this one from tomkat studios here where i just cut with a fancy schmancy hole puncher and glued it on.
 lastly put them on a display stand
 or hang them from your tree outside, blindfold the kids in a teeny tiny scarf, give them teeny tiny toothpicks to whack them and make the neighbors wonder,
"what's up with that?!"


  1. Muy bonita! Tu eres muy fantastica.

    1. Thank goodness for google translate! Because the only spanish I know is Muchos Gracias Senorita! You are an awesome amiga for commenting! :)

  2. These turned out FABULOUS! I love the bright colors, they are so much fun and I love that I can make my own pinata!

    1. You are FABULOUS for making such a nice comment! They are fun and are a different kinda treat for the kids :)


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