Tuesday, July 30, 2013

lemonade cup cookies

it's darn hot and humid isn't it?

so are you thirsty?

how's a nice long tall glass 
of freshly squeezed lemonade sound to you?

here ya go.
well they aren't exactly drink drinks 
but let's just go with it ok?
yup. i said tall stuff. 
so seeing as i can stand to gain a few inches, i tried to climb into it and hence, i had to resort to making stuff instead. 

right by the pan were tall cupcake liners that i got too but then i got to thinking when they are all used up, what else could i do with the pan? 

and so these came to be.
using store bought 
lemon cake mix and frosting just to make life easier.
ta da!
all done.
my son said he was still thirsty after having one of these so i decided to help him out and give him a drink to go along with it.

cuz y'know, when life gives you lemons, 
make, well, these cookies!

Friday, July 26, 2013

summer souvenir shadow box picture


hoopla palooza 

when: whenever you want

where: wherever you want

what (to wear): whatever you want.

but may i suggest sweatpants and a ratty ole shirt or pj's, hair in rollers, spinach in teeth and legs that need shaven?

ok so are you ready?
 or do i have to wait til you get ready?

ok. i'll wait as long as you want.
nothing but the best at this party!
.........................................................doo de doo.....doo dee do....

oh yay!
you're ready.
here we go.

last month, my family and i went on a 2-week road trip.
we always take road trips.
it would be much much easier to fly, 
but my hubby hates to fly.

like he is deathly afraid to fly.

and now that there is someone actually named Captain Sum Ting Wong
i do not think we will ever fly. 
like ever.

anywho, our trips are always an adventure.   my hubby is totally the opposite of me as far as planning but he did tell me a coupla places he had in mind.

so off we went to another adventure, where an hour or 2 goes by and he asks me "did you remember to pack my _________?" 
it never fails.

anyway, check these out.
if you ever get a chance to check out the Gaylord Opry Resort hotel, you must. they have BOATS in there that take you on a river cruise. 
IN the hotel. 
oh yeah and there are waterfalls in it too.

and heck no we didn't stay there. 
we just drooled at all the rich people stuff.

lynchburg is the home of that famous whiskey. 
my hubby wanted to take the tour there.

he promised to take me to the 
first hobby lobby we saw on the road. 
even trade i think don't you?
we made another stop in Tennessee too.

what a quaint town. full of history. i liked it except my hubby made me walk over a humungously long bridge to get to the park. i whined til i saw Ms. Rita's italian icees. 
then i was fine.

next up was another car thing. 
a museum filled to the brink of cars.
zzzzz. but i suggested we take a boat ride in a dark cave first. it was cool i guess but had bad photo opportunities, unless you like to see black pics. i did however LOVE the gift shop there. who the heck knew i could buy a chevron burlap purse at a lost cave tourist stop? i shoulda taken a pic of it for you come to think of it. 
but i hogged it all to myself.
i may be outta sequence here with our stops 
but just roll with me.

we went to the Oprah show stomping ground city.
it was awesome.
the navy pier is SOOOO fun. restaurants, shops, rides for the kids, and oh yeah, funnel cakes. 
and giant ice cream cones that you can hug as you can see in the teeny tiny pic above.
'nuf said.

and the museum was killer too. 
very interactive. and educational, something we don't do enough of for the kids. or ourselves. duh!
downtown is just. plain. beautiful!

unlike the downtown here:
this stop was ok i guess. 
i was still trying to figure out 
why my hubby was so excited to be there.
then we headed back south again to this town:
ok so nashville downtown seemed like they had drunken saloon stories to tell that i wasn't interested in hearing but when we came across this 2-story candy shop, everything changed.
they must've had every kinda soda and candy ever made there! i not only have a problem with sugar, but with multi-colors too so i was a little gaga there and the check out girl thought i was weird taking a million pics. i almost told her i was a blogger but i got distracted when i saw the candy grasshopers and centipedes.

that's when i stopped taking pics.

we did stop at the grand ole opry to spy on famous people but darn it all there weren't any there at the moment.
then our last stop.
there's nothing like disney fireworks. 
in the pic it looks like a nuclear explosion.

but that hamburger i ate in the pic above and the friendly alligator made the trip worthwhile.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.snore snore snore. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

is that you snoring??!?!
oh goodness! sorry i took so much of your time
(man this is a flippin' llllloooonnngg post!)

lemme get to the bottom of this post 
and the main reason for your invitation. 

see, when you go to your summer vacation, 
pick up some souvenirs like this:

then stare at the pile and wonder what the heck you are gonna do with it all.

so do this:
take a shadow box frame.
and cut out a long rectangular piece of black cardstock paper. 
(this is what i had but any will do)
fold it as shown and stick some letters on it.
then grab all those vacation goodies and arrange them to your liking. and then,
put the frame back together with the banner inside so you end up with this:

now due to the time i spent writing this post, 
i'm gonna take a vacation straight to my bed.

oh yeah, thanks for coming over!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

i scream ice cream cake pops

hey hey hey!
it's national ice cream day!

so are you ready?!?!?!?
get your bubble gum out of your mouth and loosen up those vocal cords and get ready to join in.

let's do it on the count of 3.




FOR ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

whoot whoot!

hey fantastic job guys! 
my ears are bleeding from the high pitched noise but that's ok. it was fun.

so why all the excitement?
i mean besides the fact that ice cream rules especially this time of year.

well, my excitement is cuz i get to be a part of a group of totally terrific cake pop bloggers thanks to the idea of Karyn of Pint Sized Baker and Kim of KC Bakes who are pretty much cake pop queens. actually the whole group is and i'm not really so it's a dag gone honor to be included in this ice cream cone cake pop post :)
doesn't it make you wanna scream for more? 
check 'em out here:

1. mint chocolate chip cones  Pint Sized Baker
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you gotta check out all the awesomely awesome cool (literally) ice cream treats!
there are some really really helpful tutes and videos on these blogs as well, that give you step by step on how to make the basic cake pops.

this tute will give you some steps but it will help you to know how to make the basic cake pop before you attempt mine.

wanna see what i made?
word of warning though, they are super duper way out nutty kinda crazy treats.

it's cuz when Karyn asked me if i wanted to join in, all i could think of was that scream saying we just yelled out.

i can't help myself and my nutty brain.

anywho, here goes.
(i bought confetti mini cupcakes 
at walmart to make life easy!)
(ignore the chiclets by the way-i changed my mind in the process after i took the pic!)
for the stacked balls, leave them separate to chill on their own and not on top as shown.

then when they are ready for dipping, it's 
yes, you read that right.
yes you read that right.
a heart becomes a tongue.
GAHHH! it's ca-ca-crazeeeeeee!
  and makes me giggle every time i look at him.

let's make another kind!
i made a double scoop too using the same process.

hey now how 'bout the spilled kind?
any other kind of ice cream cone we can make?


i know! how 'bout a swirl kind??!?!
ok here's the whole cone kit 'n kaboodle.
that double scoop guys a little wonky...
oh well, just pretend he's melting.
no wonder he's melting!
it's only over 300 degrees outside.

dag blasted weather.
it's scary out there.

and speaking of scary, 
lemme tell you a story about these ice cream fellas ok?

ok, here goes.
(truth is i like playing with my silly food and my silly brain took over once again.)

so without further ado,
let's start already.

yup, you guys sure are.

and you got these guys so comfortable now, 
they even posed for a group shot.
i just love happy endings!
don't you?