Tuesday, June 27, 2017

uncle sam centerpiece

so i was at the dollar tree today
buying some cheap batteries when 
i spotted a few things. 
so at the end of the day, i made this for 3 bucks.

an uncle sam centerpiece.
so this is what i bought:
and i grabbed by paint pens.
inspired by this clip art,
i got to work.
then i cut a triangle out of 
shiny cardstock to fit in the vase.
and i shoved it in like so:
then for the next steps, 
i...dang i'm tired...

can i just show you the rest 
of the tute with pics?

uncle sam says go right ahead cuz 
it's a free country!
okey dokey.

ok next time, i won't talk so much ;)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

firecracker sparkler favors

rah rah rah!
sis boom bah!

no, this isn't cheerleading time, it's 
firecracker sparkler time!
ok don't ask what the cheering 
has to do with this craft,
i guess the boom part is what got me.

anyway, speaking of getting, 
get these to make some:
the cupcake kits come from marshall's and/or homegoods.
i am forever buying cupcake kits and 
never making cupcakes 
but instead using them for other stuff like this. 

i think the cashier ladies think otherwise though,
especially when they see my major thighs. lol

anyway, let's move along, 
as these are pretty simple to make and 
also make a big impact, i hope.

i originally used these bags 
but after doing so, 
realized they weren't that necessary.

anyway, did you know sparkler boxes fit 
perfectly in pretzel rod bags?
well, now you do. 

anyway, you can skip the bag part but 
here's the rest of the tute for ya.
tape the cardstock around the box. 
fold the top of the bag down inside the cardstock.

now pick a liner,
i picked the striped one here:
next take the star picks in the kit and 
poke thru the cardstock to place.
use 3 stars per firecracker.
now take 3 picks from the 
other cupcake kit and do this:
i made a red, silver, and blue one
cuz i didn't have white shiny paper.
but i actually like the silver better anyway.

you think the kids' eyes will sparkle 
when they see these?
hopefully so, 
unlike my kids who are so used to my shenanigan creations 
that i'd have to light a fire under
their bottoms to impress them. lol
or maybe i should just use a firecracker?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

donut placemats

wanna see something fun?
something i meant to show you on June 2nd,
which was national donut day?

ok so i know i'm a little slow but hey,
make these donut placemats anyway!
maybe we can say i am just super duper early for 
national donut day 2018?
how 'bout a tute instead?
ok here we go again!
grab these 99 cent/piece round placemats at ikea.
i grabbed 4.

next use whatever acyrlic paint you want and 
3D fabric paint pens.
then start to bake make your donut.
i added a little darker color to add some dimension.
then i outlined the donut with a black paint pen.
and added the 3D sprinkles.

ta da! donut done.
next up is a giant jelly bean sprinkle looking thing or 
multi colored worms on a chocolate mat.
then a donut that comes in contact with a wet shaking unicorn.
and last here's one that anyone with a steady hand can do.
allow to dry overnite and there ya be.

all you need is a cup of coffee with these.
and maybe a reminder to get it together in time 
for national donut day 2018?

Friday, June 16, 2017

pop tart cookies

remember those pop tart mini bags 
i made in my last post here?

well these are what went in them.
totally easy peasy 
pop tart cookies.
all you need is the ready made stuff and this pan.
or bake them up in a big pan and cut them 
in rectangle shapes before they cool.

first i paired them up and snuggled them together 
in each hole like so, then baked them for 25 minutes.
they came out with giant wells?! 

no worries, just grab a spoon and get to smooshing immediately while they're still hot.
then remove from pan once cooled for about 5 minutes and 
allow to cool thoroughly on a cooling rack.
see they are pop tart templates.

but hey before we go onto the obvious,
i would like you to know that this was my 2nd attempt 
at pop tart cookies.

the 1st batch were actually macarons and 
although they did come out,
i won't bother showing you cuz they were not 
exactly how i pictured. 
(note to self-
try again before someone else steals your idea!...
uhoh it's already to late i have a feeling...)

anyway, back to these babies.
make some icing with confectioner's sugar and milk 
or use french vanilla creamer like i did 
cuz the family drank all the milk without your knowledge 
and that's all you had in the fridge. 
(but hey it came out rather yummy!)
then add your mandatory sprinkles and allow the icing to dry before attacking.
you can of course use your own 
sugar cookie recipe but why bother?
mini pop tart cookies in mini pop tart bags for your 
big daddy on pop's day.

to all you wonderful dads out there :)