Wednesday, October 31, 2018

happy free candy night!

HALLOWEEN is finally here!

i had many things to post about and not enough time to write them so i have some funnies for you instead. 
and since today is my bday, i need some laughs cuz 
getting older is not funny. lol

here's hoping all your trick or treaters 
don't give you attitude.
and that they eat their dinner before they eat their candy.
but if they ignore you, it's pretty normal.
cuz we know all trick or treaters can't all be great...
even so, i'm sure with your hand, 
they actually can turn out great.
i'm off to enjoy the nite with some eye rollin' dinner wastin' ignoring lovin' not so great pumpkins to give them a hand for an awesome nite of spookiness.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

halloween face-in-hole party prop

hiyo! i'm a little behind in my halloween posts.
it's cuz i had a big halloween party over the weekend and holy cow it took a lot out of me as far as time so blogging had to take a back seat.

anyway, with halloween coming tomorrow, 
this probably won't be on your to-do list now 
but mark it for next halloween cuz it's a 
totally fun party "activity" for lack of a better term.

today we are talking about how to make a 
halloween face-in-hole-party prop. 
you first need a photo stand which i got here
or i guess you can make one out of pvc pipes or something but heck i'm surely not going there!

to make this actual party prop is so much easier.
and it's cheap cuz you just need plastic tablecloths, scissors, and mod podge!
you are not gonna like this tute because i have no patterns for you...
it's cuz i had a vision in my head then i just started cutting away freehand.

i guess i forgot to mention you need some scissor skills to do this..?! oopsies!
anyway, i just started cutting out skeleton parts,
and halloween words out of the white and orange tablecloths...
and didn't care about the crooked jagged edges cuz it just added to the halloween look. 
once you have all your pieces cut,
lay out all the white and orange parts on the black tablecloth.
cutting tablecloths is a little tricky cuz they are so darn thin but the effect to make the prop creepy turns out cool when you glue the parts down with mod podge.
as you can see i didn't glue the entire thing down, but instead parts here and there.
i didn't think i would get this effect cuz i thought it would just dry normally but instead i got the creepy look which i was thrilled about!
once it's all glued down and dried,
cut out the face holes.
again i just did the whole thing free hand.

remember the more imperfect your shapes are,
 the more perfect it comes out :)
then grab your party guests and have a thrilling hilarious time!
the best part of this craft is you can make a million designs out of tablecloths even if it's not halloween.
now how scary fun is that?

Friday, October 26, 2018

candy corn m & m sprinkled cookies

tomorrow is my halloween party!
i could mimic a monster's scream right now only it would be of delight and excitement.
or it could be one of horror and fear thinking about all the stuff i gotta do to get ready for it. lol

regardless, i made these cookies for the kiddies-
candy corn m & m sprinkled cookies.
this is another slacker halloween post using a mix found at target.
all this come in it.
you just have to add the egg and butter.
then follow the directions, which by the way, takes more than THREE hours to make because you have to chill the dumb dough.
but i skipped a step where it says to roll the logs into rolls and just formed them like a triangle as best i could so all i had to do was stack them and cut down the chill time.
i dunno what it is but it is quite rewarding to cut 
tri-colored triangles it almost makes you forget about the looong chill time! lol
but wait.
i can never leave things alone 
when it comes to food crafting. 
so i took these:
he should be nervous cuz have you ever tasted these?
i'm not a fan of candy corn but holy cow these are really YUMMO!!!

i took them and crushed them all up in a blender.
and made candy corn sprinkles!

then baked according to directions.
but dang these cookies were waaay too big for a dessert bar so i cut them in half to get smaller sizes and they were just right.
don't forget the eyeballs!
cuz the candy corn can get real dizzy with all those 
tri-colors next to them.
so if you have 3 hours to spare, make these and you'll have one delightful halloween treat. lol

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

ghost family frosted brownies

i'm on a roll lately with halloween treats 
that are easy, quick and spooky.
it didn't really start out that way,
but since i have so much holiday stuff in my head, 
i have to narrow it down and today's treats are no exception. 

so whaddya say?
let's make some ghost family frosted brownies ok?
i was in the grocery store and i wandered toward the bakery section to check out their goods like i do all the time and spotted these babies:
so i put them in my grocery cart and then found these:
and because i cannot leave things alone, 
i realized food marker works great on candy corn!

so now that i have brownies and ghosts carrying screaming candy corn, 
let's just put them together...
i cut the brownies in half cuz they were pretty big and these are for my halloween party so smaller treats get eaten a lot faster when they are part of a dessert smorgasbord rather than having regular or large size desserts. 

but WAIT!
what do i see here?
do you see it??? 
oh my goodness i gotta get my black sprinkles out (from walmart)!
and lay them carefully like so...

it's a mini ghost family!!!

and look they are having a reunion!!!
the bumps on the frosting make perfect looking ghosts and if you don't have this treat at your grocery store, you can always frost your brownies like you saw above to make these.
so what started out as ghost carrying screaming candy corn on a frosted brownie,came out to be 2 different types of halloween brownies :)
here's to ghostly goodies for all ghouls and goblins!

Friday, October 19, 2018

fancy haired frankenstein marshmallows

frankenstein month.

i have a love for the brainless guy, 
as he is quite an easy food craft because 
he is just basically a rectangle with 
no odd blobby shape or pointed hat or sharp teeth. 
and it's even better when he comes already green and packaged to give.

but today we are gonna up that just a little to make 
fancy haired frankenstein marshmallows.
what you never knew frank could have fancy hair?
why not it's his holiday to dress up y'know.

let's check out the process of giving him a new do.
just grab these supplies,
the peeps come from joann's and the rest from walmart.

these guys like to stick together but we are not having it.

so after you get them all separated,
wipe the sticky ends of the stick with a wet paper towel then...
ok after the frankenstein pumpkin foosball game, 
give them the chocolate works...

melt 3 blocks of the almond bark,
using his neck nails to hold onto,
 coat the back of the head and sides,
 then lay on parchment paper.
then coat the forehead.

oh boy! 
we better get to that.
it's very important frankensteins feel alive you know.
yikes! looks like word got around...

let's grab that chocolate now.
and pour some on their foreheads.
(lol that sounds weird)
allow to dry and 
there ya go.
no lightning bolts required to make this treat aaaand
it'll make YOU feel alive too when you make them for your halloween sweeties.