Monday, December 30, 2013

new year's eve muddy buddie popcorn filled hats

well guys,
hope your christmas was 
fantabulously fantastically wonder full!

mine was over the top busy, event full, 
and also wonder full!

i took a mini break from blogging much to my brain's relief, but i couldn't stay away too long on account of the first 2014 holiday comin' round the corner.

so i made these:
yes you read that title right.
these are not just party hats, 
they have a treat inside!

so see,
it's a party in a party mix for your partyers at your 
new year's party.
(whoa! say that 10 times fast)

and for you hard partyers,
here's something else you can do with it.

and if you can't make it to midnite like me and are already in your pj's drinking white grape juice trying to act all cool making everyone think it's really champagne you are drinking, even if it's only 10 pm and you are dead tired and can't wait til 2014 to actually arrive, then use the rest of the favor kit and bag it up to take it home to munch on when you are more awake.
ok that's a wrap!
have an awesome new year's and be safe if you choose to be a hard partyer :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


come rejoice with us by making these angels!

it's just an ice cream cone with candy glue embellishments.

now for the reason of the season.
time to SING!!!


Monday, December 23, 2013

snowman hot cocoa tubes

sometimes the holidays can be tough for some people.

don't fret snowman head.
i am sure we can do something for you with these ornaments from hobby lobby and a coupla sharpie paint markers.
they're coming!
wow! now that is a crowd.
what're ya gonna do now ms. snowman head?

Ooo! fancy!
i think you need a body now.
how 'bout a hot cocoa body tube?

yeah, that's the ticket!
 (man am i showing my age or what?!?)
so let's just buy some hot cocoa mix in individual serving sizes. we'll add some mini marshmallow bits and christmas sprinkles then stick it in these tubes you can get here or here
then we'll hot glue their heads onto the bodies and use more twine to give them a scarf so they won't catch cold.
oh and we'll hot glue some pretty buttons on too.
Ooo! fancy again.
guess you're ready for a holiday party!
whoa that music's LOUD!
not quite sure she understood.

uh oh, there are some strange folks heading your way too...
hide in the crowd!
whew! that was a close one.
better call it a night.
you seem tired.

hey wake up or you'll miss Christmas!!!
maybe being alone isn't so bad after all huh?
i mean, whether you spend your holiday 
with or without people,
have some cookies with a cup of cocoa, and enjoy yourself.

  and celebrate the season.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

candy and cake pop ornaments

oh christmas tree,
oh christmas tree,
how lovely are your branches.
oh christmas tree, 
oh christmas tree, 
how lovely are your branches.

whoa! wait a sec!
just a thought,
 but if the branches are so darn lovely, 
why do we cover them up with ornaments, tinsel and garland?
i think maybe charlie brown made up that song, cuz he only used one ornament on his. and it was basically just a branch and well, he needed a song to cheer him up with his sad looking bent tree branch tree.

actually i think it was kinda cute.
 know what else i think is cute?
as if i don't have enough sugar in my life, 
i wanted to add it to my tree too.
and as if i don't already have a christmas tree in my life,
i bought a 4 ft. one for my craft room.
i am adding just sugar to it.

i know i have issues...
i saw those cute little ornaments at hobby lobby for half price so i went to work. it's pretty easy actually, as you see in the pics. all you have to do is add paint, swirl it around, let it dry upside down, then cover with some cellophane wrap and tie it as shown.
i added a few colors cuz i wanted a candy swirl design to mine.
i like these and they don't give me cavities.

so as if i don't have enough candy, 
i made some as cake pops too!
these were really fun to put together,
and quite quick too, i may add.
i just used a white sharpie paint marker to add the icing part, filled it with some sprinkles and added a red styrofoam candle filler ball to the top by pushing it down over the ornament hoop thingie at the top as shown.

you can leave them as is and stick them in a bowl for fun.
or you can turn them into cake pops by hot gluing a stick on the end and trimming the stick about 2 inches off if you want.
you can display these in a jar too, which would be cute, or add some hooks.
Oooo! i really like these :) 
they make me happy and keep my weight down.
so now i'm gonna hang all my sugar up.

wonder if i have enough sugar?
hmmm, i'll have to think about that while i eat 2 dozen frosted sugar cookies all alone in a corner...shhh!