Friday, September 28, 2018

i'm baaaaaack!

i am back from the dead and alive once again to guess what...

i know, i know, it has been quite awhile but if you guys blog yourself, you know it is a major commitment that takes 
time, money, and lots and lots of love.

i owe you an excuse if you by chance missed me, and that excuse is none other than my number one top priority:

after almost 6 years of blogging and constantly coming up with original ideas you don't see on pinterest, 
i had to stop and breathe.

that part of breathing was to concentrate on REAL life events and changing things up to better things that were around me before i could share it with the world.

i started some craft parties, continued my food crafting, traveled, and mostly, concentrated on my family.

i wanted to share some stuff however, with what has happened in the past 6 months or so out of blog world so you can see that i did not stop with the creativity, 
but actually increased it ten fold in my life.

it was rejuvenating.
 i do plan to continue blogging and sharing more of my ideas but if something comes up, i have to put this blog aside until i get to whatever needs my attention first.

no worries, i LOVE all my readers and know you guys understand cuz you are all such lovely people, thus the reason i have to come back here to continue sharing...

anyway, here are a few things i did since my last post, which was about easter btw lol

ok here goes about 99 million pics...

 first i had a party at my church that 
i helped by decorating this table:

then i went to a concert with my hubby...
a short while later, i packed up my car...
and had a really big taco craft party that i hosted.

then mother's day came.
and later i made some dinosaur cake pops for a friend's baby.
and speaking of babies, 
i hosted a baby shower for another friend.

and made more goodies for yet another friend.
and summer came so i went to the tropical side,
packed up my car,
made some tropical goodies,
and had another craft party.
speaking of parties, i had this one for my work team.
then i packed up my car once again, 
and took off with my hubby and son on a 
really long road trip that was filled filled filled with memories.

once we came home, i made soooo many 
personalized glass etched glasses.
96 of them if you care to count.
it about killed me but i wasn't done yet cuz i was hired as a wedding planner too.

so i had to pack up my car and decorate:
and make a dessert table at that.

so now i am back...
let's have a toast to blogging!
i'm not sure where the road will take me from here 
but i sure am glad you're with me for the ride!