Friday, May 4, 2012

mochi mochi? like muchy muchy!

items found here and here

i have a disease.
it's called
"multi-colored cute magnet disease".

i am involuntarily drawn to colorful things and when it is accompanied by cuteness, i go into full disease mode.  
like for instance these things i have here from an "eViL" site introduced to me by my cousin, Sharon, called mochithings.
i absolutely love hate love dang it! 


because it causes:
heart palpitations, bugged-out eyeballs, wallet draining, recurrent dreams of the colorful cuteness, and staring at the object thinking that some how or way it will appear at my doorstep with a big red ribbon attached to it.

the cure?
usually it involves spending but 
i have found a better way! 

now i will just make a blog post about it, read the post 1,574,338,012 times so the novelty wears off and then,

i am cured of the cuteness factor and the magnet that drew me in loses its force field.
i got you beat you stupid
multi-colored cute magnet disease!

until we meet again...
like probably tomorrow huh?

if you want to have the disease, check out just some of the awesomely cool things on their site!
just click on the red link to get details of the product.
DANGER WILL ROGERS DANGER!!!!!!! beep! beep! beep!
4. multipurpose vinyl bag

so hey!
are you diseased too?

sorry to say but this cure is gonna be tough to find!

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