Sunday, May 31, 2015

fun in the sun summer giveaway!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

nyc skyline cake pops

hi guys!
oh it's good to be back.

i've been away for a short bit if you haven't noticed, 
and it was due to life being crazy busy.

being away from blogging is actually quite freeing but 
i still had the itch to share, but no time to do so.

one of the things i can share with you though is something i made for a friend of mine.

check it out:
it's a cake pop display :)
because a lot of what draws people to a product is how it is presented.

so i thought of a city right away when my friend said she loved new york and this is how i came up with it.
the styrofoam block came from michael's 
and was 18 x 12 inches.
i cut it in half for this project.

i had a scrapbook paper pad from jo ann's that had the cloud paper in it.
i tried to line the 2 sheets to match as much as possible-
not perfect but i didn't care...
when i glued it, it actually stayed up-
 i was SO excited!

i was totally winging everything-i'm not good with planning out crafts-i get too impatient and can't wait to see the end result.
luckily this one worked :)
then came the next step.
i needed to make the cake pops, which i just used mini vanilla funfetti cupcakes that i bought from from walmart and smooshed 1 cupcake for each pop.

then i went to drawing on them with food markers, something i was into and forgot to take pics for you.
one of my black markers was running out but it made a great gray color-perfect for the skyscrapers.

so i made 5 of them, 6 taxi cabs, and one apple.
i carefully pushed a hole thru the gray cardstock into the styrofoam with a plain lollipop stick then pushed all the way thru with the actual cake pop.

Ooo! what do you want to see first?
a broadway show? the empire state building?
statue of liberty? times square?

dang! i ain't gettin' anywhere!?!

hello? anyone?
either that or take the subway.
i think i'll just eat a taxi cake pop and think about it some more...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

fruit salad mason jar lights

how much fruit do you eat?
if you've hung around this blog awhile you may have noticed that fruit is lacking 'round here.

it's not purposeful though.
it's just that i tend to lean toward unhealthy foods 
(ie: cookies, cakes, donuts and such)compared to healthy foods when it comes to my food crafting.

i think it's all the nursey stuff i have to do all the time so i gravitate to sweets, 
cuz it's just more fun.

but today is different cuz i have some fun fruit for ya finally!

well, sort of.
does this count?
these guys make me giggle!

keep reading to make your giggle fruit too.
i've had that stripe green tissue paper for while now and so so sorry but i have no clue where i got it! 
but try any green tissue paper even if it's patterned because it'll add to the whimsy of these lights.

ok next up:
no need to measure your squares or anything since you want them to overlap each other.
and no need to glue them on perfectly either.
kids can help too!

now let's tackle the lid.
gluing the tissue paper strips for the leaves onto the cardstock gives them strength to stick out.
just freehand cut the leaves. 
the more imperfect the better whimsy.

now time for the face.
use any jar you want. don't worry about the shape or size to match the fruit.
that's the fun of these jars.

no worries=more fun

so using the same steps above, only making different leaves and a folded rectangle nose, make him:
or her:

so now that i got a fruit salad going, 
i think we need a purple something.
(or maybe mister grape?!)
anyway we now we have our salad.

so how's 'bout it?
put more fruit light in your daily life.
summer's comin' real soon and fruit's always the best kinda treat to have.
sugar or no sugar.

oh and speaking of sugar, sweet Dawn did a whole post on me on her blog, PRETTY SHABBY UK.
hope you check it out even though i shy away from things like these-lol

Sunday, May 10, 2015

a mother's day bicycle flower emoji treat garden gift (or whatever)

happy mom's day everyone!
so last week my friend asks me to make her mom, maxine, something to help celebrate the day.

"just whatever Lisa, you know what to do." she said.

so with that, i ran with it.
and made something.

something called a...
bicycle flower treat thing with smiley treats.
flower garden and emoji truffle thingie.
edible flower and emoji lemon cake balls in a bicycle basket gift.
a bicycle basket with oreo flowers and lemon emoji cake pop treats 

anyway, here it is, whatever it is.
see what i mean?
if only i had an abbreviation for it, it would eliminate a lot of guess work as to whatever the heck this is.

anyway, let's move on.
hooray after 4 years-yes, 4 years folks, i finally opened up my silhouette box.
don't ask...

i bought that "best mom" thing for 75 cents on their site and had to cut the connection by the last "m" on the word mom in order for it to lay as flat as it could on a curved surface. 
of course it's not perfect but it works!

then i wandered over to target and saw the stickers.
and some really pretty oreos that i have no idea what they look like or taste like inside so i hope they are not moldy or groddy but too late now cuz they are still awful pretty so i'm buyin' them anyway kinda oreos.

and i got it together with some of my stash in my craft room.

uh oh. 
lots of empty space here.
that mom mug i got and the little note pad and pens aren't gonna look right in there.

i'm off to trader joe's.
(can you tell i'm winging this whole thing as i go?)

then i took some vanilla almond bark and added the final details to the emoji faces.

i like them.
wanna see 'em up close?

last i filled the empty space in my oreo flower garden bicycle pail thingie doohicky gift basket but not really a basket thing.
hope maxine likes it!

she can tell her friends she got a thing from her daughter.
wonder what she'll call it?
perhaps she'll get a text message telling her what it is.

hey here's a text for you!