Sunday, December 25, 2016

MERRY MERRY everyone!

the BIG DAY has come!!!
hope everyone has a 
wonderful fantabulous ahh-mazing Christmas!!!!
i'm taking some much needed holiday no blogging time off 
and will see you soon.

thank you for making ALL my holidays bright :>D!


Friday, December 23, 2016

diy christmas recipe ornaments

oh goodness goodness.
2 days and counting til the big day.
how are you doing on your to do list?
do you need a speedy quick 
diy christmas gift to give?
how about trying your hand at these 
christmas recipe ornaments?
 this is the unorganized pile of mess 
you need to make these.
basically i went into my craft room 
and winged it, thus the messy pic.
but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do 
at times of christmas stress right?
i got these merri minis at michaels for 70% off.
just grab your fave recipe, 
hot glue the merry mini on to it, 
and write your recipe down.

so here are the step by steps, 
just in case you need them:

here are the other 2 up close.

i think using your own handwriting is better 
than silhouette or cricut because they add 
more of a personal touch and in years you can check to see how awful your handwriting 
used to be if you write anything like me. lol

 i think they're fun.
choose traditional family recipes you make 
and when you're old and decrepit and 
can't remember anything, 
these will come in handy. ha

so there ya go.
hope you crossed off another thing on your 
christmas to do list!

merry merry :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

diy christmas decorated utensils

a couple weeks ago i had a grand christmas bash.
everyone brought in a dish and we had 
a grinchmas kinda feast filled 
with all kinds of savory and sweet treats.
it was all christmasy christmas.
except the serving spoons.
how could i forget the serving spoons?

well here's the answer to next year's Christmas hullabaloo feast-christmas decorated utensils.
here's what started the idea:
you can get the merry mini gingerbread men at michael's 
and the mini hats from oriental trading 
but you can get mini santa hats at hobby lobby too.
aren't they cute?

just match 'em up with the gingerbread men.
and attach with your 'ole glue gun and 
a christmas phrase sticker at hobby lobby too.
let's get on with the big ones now.
i got the split balls at hobby lobby. 
dang i frequent that store too much.

ok to fit the mini hats on the big ones,
ya gotta cut 'em like so:
then just go to town with paint markers, 
sharpie detail, beads, rub on holiday phrases coated with mod podge for protection, 
and whatever else you want.

and you'll get these, 
or something similar to it i guess.

here's the woman that holds it all together:

that snowman looks creepy. 
i gotta fix his eyes.
maybe i shoulda named him zombie snowman?

here's a cheesy fellow.
and finally the big man himself.
and so there you have it.
just be sure to handwash of course (duh).
you think you'll flip for these? :>P
anyway, these are guaranteed to be holiday happy.
either that or people will think you are 
OCD extreme with Christmas, 
which happens to be the case for me. lol
3 cheers for more holiday OCD happiness!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

marshmallow hot cocoa santas

this post was originally published on Design Dazzle's Christmas Wonderful series HERE.

hi guys!
is your holiday prep happenings coming to an end?
no no don't let the fun end now,
cuz these will surely put a smile 
on everyone's face when they see these 
hot cocoa marshmallow santa treats 
on christmas morning! 
heehee! these may look complicated but 
it's just a matter of gluing and drawing.

let's go on with the how-to's for these 
holly jolly hot cocoa treats.
you will need the following:

regular size marshmallows, mini marshmallows, mini marshmallow bits, santa candy hats, melted white and milk chocolate (from chips, candy melts or almond bark), various sprinkles, christmas straws, black food marker 

ok let's get to it.

first poke a straw thru each regular size marshmallow. 
put these aside along with your santa hats 
you can get from target.
next up:
hey hey hey you just made a mini mug!
so let’s fill ’em up!
use a toothpick to add the chocolate.
i melted some almond bark but a few chocolate 
chips melted in the microwave will do too-
you don’t need much at all, as you are just
 using the chocolate to top the mini mugs. 
and then before you know it, 
you’ll get a whole city of mini hot cocoa mugs!
ok so you can do this:
go the fun way and do this:
 coat the top of each marshmallow with
white almond bark, add sprinkles, candy glue
the mug as shown, and add the santa hat
to the top (you'll need to hold the hat
in place til the candy dries a little-
it only take a minute or 2). 

then you can do the following to finish the santas off.
oh but one more thing!
you can see the whole effect of your little santa man below:
so there you have it.
 cups of christmas cheer for everyone.
here's to a sane and wonderful rest of the week 
til the BIG day comes!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

marshmallow snowmen hot cocoa treat

is it snowing where you live?
lucky ducks!
what i wouldn't do for a white christmas!
anyway, guess i'll have to make some myself,
as in these snowmen marshmallow hot cocoa treats:
i made 50 of these winter treats
so if you need to make 50 treats too, lol, 
lemme show you how easy peasy this is.
it's really all in the packaging too.

so the idea came to me when i saw this 
HUGE marshmallow at michael's:
 it was 50% off so i ended up paying a 
little under 9 bucks for it.

now you may think that is steep for marshmallow but considering i made so many treats,
it really wasn't bad. 
i did buy 2 of them though cuz 
i had to make so many of them.

anyway, grab your snowman cookie cutter and dip it in cornstarch.
then start cutting away.
one marshmallow sheet gave me 28 snowmen!
have you priced individual marshmallow snowmen on a stick?
why goodness sometimes they run $3 a piece 
so if i bought 28 snowmen that would be...
wait a sec, i need my calculator...
this is where the $9 
deal scores, 
or in my case, the $18 since i made double.
but if i bought 50 ready made snowmen
at $3 each,
i would've ended up spending $150 just on snowmen.

gosh i hate math.

 ok so now add the stick which i got from hobby lobby.
then decorate a face with food markers.

next melt some chocolate bark and pipe on the hats.
i lined my snowmen up on parchment paper and 
used my poor piping skills 
to add the hat instead of dipping the snowmen in chocolate 
cuz piping is just so much faster.
next add on your candy buttons with extra chocolate.
ta done!
next up is the packaging. 
i thought about making my own cocoa or scooping some up in a bag and adding the snowman to it but i didn't want him all stained with cocoa.
so i packaged them in separate bags this way from bags 
i got at michael's for another sweet 50% off:
i punched 2 holes as shown above and added a piece of twine.
and got this as an end product:
so now it's off to internet world to seek out 
a hot cocoa printable tag 
and all will be complete for 
the 50 co-workers on my christmas list.
which leaves me with only a zillion other packages to wrap.
oh how i love christmas! (?!?!)