Thursday, November 26, 2015

my 2015 thanksgiving round-up for a happy turkey day

happy macy's parade day!
happy pie day!
happy stuff your face day!
happy time to be grateful day!

i got this year's turkey day round-up together for your viewing and (hopefully) clicking pleasure.
there were many turkeys around these past few weeks.

some indians came along too, 
as you can see here:
so we had to get a lot of corn 
like these to feed them!
and we had to tell Myles to calm down here.
because we ALL have to take time to give thanks 
like this plate says:
cuz no matter what we have 
(and we all have something to be grateful for!)
pie, or cookie or anything for that matter,
we can stare at that turkey, or whatever other tangible or intangible thing, right in the eye, 
and say THANK YOU! 
oh and you can add a gobble gobble to that too.
here's to a BLESSED THANKSGIVING to all.
i am ever so very grateful to each and every one of YOU!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

pie slice on a plate cookies

ok i only have 2 days to come up with a dessert menu for turkey day, as that is the job i was given for our family get together.

which only means it's:
ok so these aren't your typical pies.
well, they aren't even pies, 
and yes i have made them before here
so you aren't seeing double. 

the kids don't seem to get a kick outta pies as much as cookies so i went with this again.
only i made them a little teeny bit different this year.

here's the how-to:
you'll also need a scallop tart pan and a round cookie pan like this instead of the one i used (you'll see why if you keep reading).

oh and that's betty crocker cookie mix i bought.
you can use whatever sugar cookie mix you want though.
i was just being lazy.

i used a mixture of yellow and brown food gel for the next pie:

i just made cookies out of the leftover dough in a round cookie pan for the plate.
i think these are too thick and would make thinner cookies for sure next time but oh well, more cookie for the tummy!

i got the forks from party city 
but they only have clear ones online, 
but that would work too, as long as they are mini ones.
serve 'em up and every slice will stay intact, not like that crazy first piece of pie that likes to crumble on itself.
and there you have it.
making this is a piece of cake.
err, i mean cookie,
or do i mean pie?!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

turkey in a jar

i have this one little corner in my kitchen that needed a little something.
but forget about getting another thanksgiving decoration, as they are null and void right now cuz santa land has taken over at most stores.

so being the crafter i am, i just went to dollar tree and found a little solar powered turkey that i made into a craft.
here's the stuff you need besides a large circle sticker, a hot glue gun and washi tape.
i just cut a circle out of some sticker paper i had but contact paper will work too.
just be sure to size it like a plate according to the size of your jar you use.

that pumpkin pie sticker is a little off topic but it was the perfect fit for the lid.

so there you have it.
well maybe cuz you're a turkey.
i mean, don't you just LOVE thanksgiving?
the wonderful family gatherings?
all the delicious food?
goodness why not?

well, at least he's got some holiday spirit!?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

mini turkey and indian cookies

hey so my son tells me,
"mom i signed us up to bring thanksgiving 
cookies for our class party."
i gotta bring thanksgiving cookies? 
who has thanksgiving cookies?
anyone? anyone? bueller?
oh gosh i gotta make some!

no prob. i got this!
i saw some ready made turkey cookies at target the other day.
just throw them babies in the oven and we are good to go...
dum dee dum...

i head off to target to grab me a few packages...
and i go right to the aisle..
to see, it's all EMPTY!
i start to panic. 
so i go to walmart that's up the next block.

there's gotta be some turkey packages around here somewhere.
and lo and behold.

i was in a turkey cookie panic.
i do not have time to make thanksgiving cookies i thought!
so why the heck don't i just get regular ole cookies and call it a day?

well, i was just about to go there til i saw this:
hey! i think i know what to do now.
 i opened up my sprinkle drawer at home.
i baked the cookies as directed.
and did this:
and added this:
and got this:
and attached these:
to get these:
but uh oh...
i was running out of sprinkles for the rest of the cookies...
would these do?
a one-feathered turkey?

let's fix that.

whew! i got my thanksgiving cookies after all.
now i gotta find the time to bag these all.

oh the joys of the holidays!

when's christmas again?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

pilgrim pretzels

the following message contains elements that may not be suitable for some audiences. especially those that do not or cannot accept the fact that thanksgiving is right around the corner followed by christmas and new year's and...

that includes YOU, Myles Standish,
mr. famous of all pilgrims.

so let's see how Myles gets that crew together shall we?
wow he's messy with his supplies isn't he?
white collar?
where do we get a white collar?
i remember seeing those gummy candy corns 
you can get them here too.
or if not, i do believe you can use white airheads or cut some white m&m's in half.

oh look, i think the face comes next...

(oh you can use taffy, or a yellow tootsie roll or airhead instead too for the buckle.)
here's a synopsis:
ok i think Myles is happy now.
or not.
jeepers what a spaz.
hey i think they found their ship!
i don't think he can fit anymore pilgrims in there.
they better not stop for thanksgiving dinner, 
the ship might not be able to hold them all.
oh boy...better hide the pies too.