Friday, May 18, 2012

spirograph plates

as a child, i would sit for hours upon hours in my room, endlessly drawing spirograph designs over and over.
Folk Stripe 19 inch Tray
it gave me great joy to make intricate designs simply by making repeating circles thru the templates with my colored pens.
Folk Stripe 15 inch Tray in Aqua detail
it was a wonderful surprise to see what you just created.
Folk Stripe 15 inch Tray in Red detailahhh! the simple joys of childhood!
needless to say,
while surfing the web, i came across these at this site
and almost keeled over.
Folk Stripe 19 inch Tray
suddenly that spirograph joy came back and i was reverted back to being 5
 Folk Stripe 15 inch Tray in Aqua
when life was simpler and beauty was found in things we at times overlook today.
Folk Stripe 15 inch Tray in Red
and this red beauty here
Folk Stripe Set of Four Coasters
if i were to get any of these plates, i would probably just stare at them all day instead of putting food on them like you are suppose to.

have you ever spirographed?


  1. I remember spirograph. I loved that! It was so much fun. You bring me back to my childhood.

  2. I wish all it took was simple things like spirograph to entertain kids these days! :)


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