Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"cover me!" said the table and more from house 8810

looook at these tablecloths!
holy cow they are cute!
and whimsical.
and right up my alley.

and so not what i need to buy.

thanks to this site

sigh-they sure as heck would make
the cutest party tables...

and then there are these too:
1. ugh. these little birthday bags are screaming my name.
2. and then the towels join in.
3. but then these birthday bag monkeys have to do it too.
4. what in heavens name do i do with this? who cares?
5.something i constantly tell myself.
6. are these really homemade?
7. the kids can doodle while they wait for their plate of macaroni
8. just an excuse to learn

well, back to staring, wishing,
and looking at my empty wallet...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

watermelon foil sparkler fruit bowl for memorial day

are you having a picnic this 3-day weekend?
do you need to bring something?

well, while in wal-mart, my eye caught this good lookin' girl:
 a little conceited yes,
all the more reason to show her huh?
show her what?

that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

so i stuck her in my cart along with a bunch of various other kinds of fruit and off i went to the cash register.

they say self pay is quicker at wal-mart.

not! i say!
the screen keeps telling me to bag the item when i already did for the 40th time so i stand there yelling at the cash register screen looking like a fool.

so no thanks to self-pay. i would rather wait a hundred minutes in the wal-mart line that wraps around the store and let the fruit get moldy before i go in that self-pay line.

ok, anyway,
i take the purrtty green girl home and:
i show her who's boss and not to act like "she's all that". i make melon balls out of her whole innards til all i have left is her rind. i throw her top rind away and cut her up some more,
and then put her aside for a little break. 

remember i said i bought various other fruit too? well, i cut some of those up in bite size pieces and:
you can get the sparkly toothpicks
Click here to view larger image
at michael's. they are $1.99 for 12.
use a 40% coupon and score for $1.20!

after you make your mini kabobs, set them aside. whatever fruit you might have left, add them to the melon balls you set aside in the beginning, and mix all together.

then add this to the watermelon bowl with the purrtty cut up decorations you made.

almost done.

you're not done torturing poor ms. drama watermelon yet. you can do this too:
 and poke some holes here and there amongst your stars with the sharp end of a meat thermometer. you can go all the way through the rind or not.

but yeah, you read that right.
use a meat thermometer.
a girl's gotta be resourceful these days in a tough economy!

now go back to your kabobs and stick them randomly on the top of your watermelon fruit- filled bowl and look!
much prettier you think?
cuz i can't ask ms. drama watermelon, her head is too stuffed right now she doesn't know what hit her! hehe 
 share amongst friends and family and get their opinion on ms. drama watermelon's new look.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day!
Remember all the men and women who died for our nation. God bless them!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

reese's graduation candy caps-for the bajillionth time

shhhh! do you hear it???

look up! do you see it?

if you listen real close, you will hear the pomp and circumstance song nearby.

and if you look up and don't duck down,
you may be hit with a flying graduation cap somewhere.

so...always be aware!

around this time of year people are scrambling to get that graduate the perfect gift.
man, it's not a fun chore i tell ya.
 been there done that way too many times.

still, the graduate worked hard and EARNED that diploma!

so let's make it fun and make them some colorful treats ok? or you can make it to match their school colors. whatever works for you.
cuz you will always win with sugar :)

these are easy to make and are all over the internet so i figure, i will share it for the 1,204,394,672 time on the world wide web.

anywhooo, here goes!
you are hired my new graduate!
now go get me a cup of coffee.


Monday, May 21, 2012

mmmm-mini cherry cheesecakes

wanna know a secret?

you can fool someone into thinking you are some kinda gourmet pastry chef!

not that foolin' someone is good, but rather fun for a second, until they find out your secret is really not a secret at all.

cuz there are no secrets when you post something on the internet.

like on that ef bee site.
yeah, that is pretty much public knowledge.

and you will want to post this recipe,
believe you me!

cuz this recipe,
this needs to be public knowledge.

so let's make everyone a gourmet pastry chef and call it a day OK?
these cheesecakes are dang good and i am not even foolin'.

my mom made them all the time which makes me especially LOVE them.

try them and let me know what you think.

i will have your pastry chef's hat
waiting for you!

recipe below...

mmmmm-mini Cherry Cheesecakes

approx. 50-60 vanilla wafers
mini cupake liners
2 packages of softened cream cheese(8 oz each)
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
2 slightly beaten eggs
cherry pie filling

1. line each cupcake liner with a vanilla wafer. this will be the crust of your cheesecake. try to get the wafer in the center of the liner- you may need to break it in pieces to fit.
put that aside and make the filling.
2. cream together cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and eggs til smooth.
3. spoon about 2/3 of the vanilla wafer laden cupcake liners with the cream cheese filling.
4. bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until center of cheesecake comes clean when poked with a toothpick.
5. immediately remove baked cheesecake out of pan and allow to cool completely.
6. top each cheesecake with 3 cherries and syrup from the pie filling.
7. refrigerate before serving
YIELD: 2 (30 cheesecakes each)
YIELD: 50-60 wowza! have a cheesecake party :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

spirograph plates

as a child, i would sit for hours upon hours in my room, endlessly drawing spirograph designs over and over.
Folk Stripe 19 inch Tray
it gave me great joy to make intricate designs simply by making repeating circles thru the templates with my colored pens.
Folk Stripe 15 inch Tray in Aqua detail
it was a wonderful surprise to see what you just created.
Folk Stripe 15 inch Tray in Red detailahhh! the simple joys of childhood!
needless to say,
while surfing the web, i came across these at this site
and almost keeled over.
Folk Stripe 19 inch Tray
suddenly that spirograph joy came back and i was reverted back to being 5
 Folk Stripe 15 inch Tray in Aqua
when life was simpler and beauty was found in things we at times overlook today.
Folk Stripe 15 inch Tray in Red
and this red beauty here
Folk Stripe Set of Four Coasters
if i were to get any of these plates, i would probably just stare at them all day instead of putting food on them like you are suppose to.

have you ever spirographed?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

thank U for being a friend

hey you.
do you know what you are?

a special friend.

cuz if you weren't reading this now, i would be a loner just getting my kicks off my own blog which would be silly since i can kick myself any day. HA!

and you are soooo busy but you are taking the time to read this.

and some of you even subscribed to this blog.
man, you are ALL truly awesome!

i wanted to share with you today some SHINE dolls that i share with some of my friends.

no, we don't play house with them, they are an adornment that gives words of wisdom. so when we get together at our SHINE parties, the host takes one home to keep.
i think the message they send speaks volumes.
check them out.
first up:

The secret of having it all...
is believing that you do
Some friends grow older, some grow wiser and a few grow into genuine characters
New friends
Friendship is a quiet understanding

Friends are the gardeners
who make our souls blossom
Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly
The secret to having it all...
is believing that you do
Queen for a day
(so you can wear your hair any way you want!)
Live for today
now take all of these, mix together carefully,
and share it with everyone you meet.
happy souls and priceless memories