Thursday, August 29, 2013

chocolate mint andes candies cupcakes

99,257,372 cupcake recipes on the internet.
2,345,736,907,001,208 cupcake recipes in recipe books.
462,198,772,492,295,337,118,429,403 cupcake recipes in the universe.

how do i know?
cuz i counted them.

ok so believe me or not.

truth is, i don't post recipes too often but when i do, they are repeat offenders in my house.

so try this one, so you can join the jiggly fat thigh club with me and i won't feel so bad.

print recipe here.
they bake up like a brownie cupcake that isn't too rich so, if you want, you can add these:
pop some in your mouth while you make the frosting like this:
and so finally here goes my last desperate sales pitch to get you to make these puppies.
but don't let that convince you.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

pencil stacker eraser pretzels

well guys,
summer's officially over around here. 

but it's not because our temps are in the 70's.
or that there are leaves falling from the trees.

our weather doesn't change too often around these parts.
so we go by season's according to what's happening in life or cuz it's a holiday. 

i know, it sounds nutty. 

anywho at this time of year, summer's over cuz school started. and i am back to work M-F. blah. 

i say that cuz i didn't get a chance to do some fun blogging for a bit cuz of work and i had a brain blog infarct and was wondering when i would get over it.

then i saw these and my blogger brain was at it again.

oh and before i forget, i got some chocolate candiquik too.

and so i trimmed and glued and giggled some more. 
cuz i ended up with this:

whadd'ya think about 'em?
here i'll let you meet them in person...

ok so i know they are so completely silly.
completey un-adult like. 

but they make me completely smile.

and i'm taking that to work with me.

Friday, August 16, 2013

mixed-media jars for cupcake liners, straws and cake pop sticks

h'lo lovelies!
my name is ms. hoity toity fru fru and i am here as a guest voice blogger to present to you 
a fashion show.

lisa will be back shortly as she is busy washing glue off her hands...
so if you take a seat, we will get started.

ok. may i present to you,

first up we have just a few behind the scenes of how this came to be.
looks like a lot went into this!
let me now present to you our first model.
oh my!
shall we get dressed please?
that's more like it. 
ok, let's move on...

thank you liner lady thank you!
next up is,
another one not dressed?
let's move it along ladies...
where were we?

oh she is just too pretty don'tcha think?
and our last model for the day.
ok. this is not funny girls!
go get dressed.
i will definitely put a word into their manager about readiness...anyway,
my oh my! i do hope you enjoyed the show.
i must be going now to london for a fashion show thrown by lady gaga.

fresh london broil coats are going to be the feature of the night!
 i can hardly wait!
ta! ta!


whew! ok guys i'm back!
so how'd you like the show? sorry about the naked jars, i...oops! i still have more glue on my hands! ugh...gotta go again...i'll be right back.

hey jars, take over a sec ok?

ok i'm back!
thanks guys.
and i overheard what you said, which makes me glad cuz i was beginning to think i wasn't normal!

ta! ta!