Friday, June 27, 2014

sparkler straw pinwheel centerpiece

ready for some more red white and blue?
or are your eyes red, your skin pale white and your fingers blue from pinning every independence day food and craft that your pinterest board's about to burst into fireworks?

ok maybe not fireworks but perhaps sparklers?

and speaking of sparklers, 
how much fun are those things?
it is a MUST we have sparklers for the 4th!
and at 2 bucks a pop at walmart,
it's easy to get a few boxes of the firey wonders.

so with sparklers on the mind and seeing my overabundance of red, white and blue stuff in my craft room, i went to work on creating a patriotic centerpiece.

here goes:
it's easy to make really! 
get this:
step one:
ignore the centerpiece thing in the pic above since i ended up not using it.

no really, step one:
step two:
leave the sparklers in the little bag it comes in and see how snugly they fit into the straw.
it's the absolute perfect size and there is no trimming involved or shoving the sparklers in the straws.
it was kinda weird-it was like they were made for each other! 

step three:
i used this sparkle printable from lindi's love the day.

and lastly, step four:
and this optional step just so you can use up more confetti and justify the need for buying it in the first place:
then step back and check it out.
it's a centerpiece!
it's a favor holder!
it's a toy for the little ones!
it's a novelty for the adults!
it's a ________ (opportunity to fill in the blank)

whatever you think it is, it'll make you see 
red white and blue
you know, since there's not enough of it in blogworld...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

mini firecracker candy treat pops

hey are you gonna have a 4th of july party and are in need of some party favors?

perhaps these may work for you.
they're cute little doo-dads with candy 
and are made from these:

did you see on the box how they display them with layered desserts?
oh good gracious who is gonna make layered desserts in these pop containers that are 1 1/2 inches x 1 inch?!?!

only a crazy person would actually think of doing so and buy these things y'know?
i bought them.

cuz they're so dang cute and i am such a sucker.

so, they do come in packs of 6 but i am a really big sucker for packaging items and got the BIG pack of 24.

i think if you had ONE 6" x 6" brownie and cut it up in small pieces you would probably have more than enough to fill these containers.
with leftovers from the original brownie to spare.

it just sounds completely labor intensive to make treats that would be gone in 0.000000025 seconds with not even one bite to make them disappear.

so what's a person to do with these things but to fill them up with candy.
candy works! and is labor intensive free.
so let's get to it. 

it's a little tricky going around the weird corners with tape thus the reason for the pic above.

and look!
they're safe for the kids to play with too.
so do some labor intensive decorations to avoid the labor intensive desserts for your independence day party!
makes sense huh?

Friday, June 20, 2014

guest post on design dazzle: swim goggle bottle buddies

hey guys! 
today i get to be a camp counselor!
i am visiting my friends over at design dazzle for some summer fun for the kids.

you can find me and my friends below 
by clicking RIGHT HERE.
so come on over, leave me a comment, 
and let's have some fun! yippee!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

berry sweet strawberry jars

how's your summer going guys?
have you had a chance to eat a strawberry dessert yet?

y'know cuz strawberries=summer.
i was trying to make a strawberry dessert but all i could do was go for the classic strawberry shortcake.
i put it in a jar to look all cutesy cute and pinteresty then stuck a 4th of july sparkler on top but it looked like a hundred million other strawberry shortcake desserts out there.

not that there is anything wrong with that but if you know me, i always have to try something different.

so i bagged the pinteresty dessert idea and made these instead.
then grab your red spray paint and go to town.
you don't have to tape the jar or lid like i did, depending on what you plan on putting in it. i wanted to have the top of the jar and lid spray-paint-poison-free if i put strawberry dessert in it.

when the jars are dry, remove the tape.

it's lookin' like a tomato strawberry now huh?

but wait! we have to add the stem.

one more thing and then we are done.
ta da! all done.
now all ya gotta do is figure out what to put in them.
may i suggest you do not put everything together as i wrote on the pic above...i don't think that would be berry sweet. :>P

Saturday, June 14, 2014

funny faced bagged cookies

father's day's TOMORROW 
and i well, have an easy peasy yummy deelish packaged cookie gift for you to make cuz father's day is TOMORROW like i said and time is a tickin' away.

but heck you are crazee busy with too much to do so how the heck are you gonna get something together for dear ole dad AND have the kids involved AND make a treat?

well, make these and hopefully everything's gonna be fine.

you can get the wallflour girl's recipe here.
and btw, her recipe is quite amusing if i do say so myself.

anyway, i'll let the pics do the talking...

allow the cookies to cool. 
and before i move on, just wanted you to know that these 2 things were the most important when making these treats:
now go find some kids to help and some candy eyes somewhere.
i love me some candy eyes...
just push the eyes into each cookie while still warm and they'll stick fairly well.
of course don't bag the same cookie 4 times.
hopefully you got that each cookie is bagged individually and now isn't that daddy cookiehead fun?

who knew being a dad would be so much fun?
ummm....maybe it's not so fun after all?...
hey now-what is this?
ask us? why us again?!?! 
do we not have enough to do?!?!?!

let's take it into perspective here shall we?
ok so do you dads need to say "ask your mother"?
huh? do you?
huh? nothing to say? nothing but these big fat delicious melt in our mouth puffball (or flat puffs) peanut butter chocolate mustache face cookies?!?!
works for me!
and hopefully for dad too.
but i dunno maybe you should ask your mother...

Friday, June 13, 2014

summer camp link party with DESIGN DAZZLE

summer's here.
the time for sleeping in, staying up late, 
and spending as much time 
indoors in the air conditioned room 
to get away from the heat heat heat. LOL

 well, at least that's what you have to do when you live in florida
where it's heat heat heat all the time.

but staying indoors isn't where all the summer fun is of course, as there is so much more out there. 

like summer camp for instance, which i am lucky enough to co-host a summer camp link party with 
DESIGN DAZZLE and a 23 other lovely blog folks! YOWZA! 
that's a heckuva lot of exposure for you!

i am one of the camp counselors and will have my post up soon but in the meantime,

Design Dazzle Summer Camp Link Party
i hope you're all enjoying the fun and fabulous posts by our awesome Summer Camp Counselors - we sure love them! don't worry, we're not done with Summer Camp just yet, we still have a few more weeks of Summer Camp fun left! but we want EVERYONE to be involved in Summer Camp, so we're hosting our annual Summer Camp link party because we want to see YOUR fabulous ideas as well! our Summer Camp Link party starts today and will run through Saturday June 28th. feel free to link up any projects, ideas, crafts, etc. that you have created which involve Summer Fun & Kids. we want new ideas as well as ideas from years past…the more the better! we'll feature some of our favorites throughout the party on our blog. we've recruited some of our Summer Camp Counselors to help host our link party.

When you link up to our party, it will show up on ALL the following participating blogs:

Be sure to visit all of our new and previous Summer Camp ideas as well, by clicking the banner below!
Design Dazzle Summer Camp banner

An InLinkz Link-up

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

father's day cake batter fudge

 seems like i have a terrible addiction to food molds. 
i'm in the middle of cleaning my craft room and keep finding a hundred zillion food molds everywhere.

uh oh.
looks like this is headed toward sugar lane again...

come see what i mean.
you mean it's perfect for a dad who loves fishing?
well, yeah but then again, maybe not...
use this recipe from sally, who makes deeeelicious treats, this one being no exception.
you can get the recipe here except i left the sprinkles out til a little later.

i also used some food markers 
after i took them outta the mold.
btw, it's tricky to write on fudge.

they're fathers all dressed up.

thanks to sprinkles.
so serve them up this sunday as we celebrate dad's day.
these are goofy as heck aren't they?
but they sure taste yummy.