Friday, March 23, 2018

easter basket with mini bunny and chicks cake pops

i'm making up for st. patty's day 
when i was sad about not getting to 
make any rainbow treats.
so i needed a super cute treat to make me feel better.

how's 'bout some easter basket with 
mini bunny and chicks cake pops sound?
it all started when i was at michael's and saw this:
ohhh i die!
so i started to make cake pops like this,
shaping the cake pops into oval shapes 
with large center ditches then dipping them like so in melted chocolate.
when you dip, scoop the chocolate like a spoon 
and then turn them over to shake the excess chocolate off to get the ditch.

after the cake pops dry, melt some green candy melt and use a toothpick to add the grass as shown. 
then quickly add the bunny,chick, and some nonpareils to resemble candy in the basket.

lastly, add some more green candy melt for the grass detail like so to get your mini easter basket!

i dunno...
it still needs something in my eye. 
so if you're crazy like me and don't wanna leave them like this then do this:
look how cool.

but wait, i dunno.
 it still needs something in my eye.

so if you're crazy like me and don't wanna leave them like this then do this:

then tie with a little ribbon.
to get mini easter baskets on a stick!

so there ya go,
you can do them up plain or crazy weaved in a bag.
either way, hide these cuz peter cottontail is gonna steal them for their cuteness if you don't!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

lemon oreo chicks

happy spring everyone!
looks like i missed st. patty's day due to life happening but i am on the easter boat,
starting things off with these easy peasy lemon oreo chicks.
it's fairly easy as you will see from the pics below
using yellow candy melt, candy eyes, and orange sunflower seed candy.
after dipping, lay on parchment paper and quickly add the eyes and beak before it dries.
then you can use the back of a fork like you see below 
to add the feather top.
this dipping is easy because you can leave the top part of the cookie exposed without getting 
your fingers in the candy melt.

so i kept going and going and going.
to get 40 of these baby chicks.
which only took me 45 minutes to do the entire oreo package.
and 2 seconds to gobble one up!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

bloom where you are planted scalloped sign

i know it's winter in some places but here in fl. it's either summer, summer, or summer.

nevertheless, as we are heading into the spring season, 
i'm gonna embrace it with a spring pic to celebrate this gorgeous weather we've been having.

today i'm gonna show you how i made this 
bloom where you are planted scalloped sign.
it all started with a trip to hobby lobby 
where i found this on clearance:
i immediately fell in  love with the scalloped edges and knew i had to have it even though there are 
no little ladies at our house. lol
so i painted the whole thing white.
and drew some tulips from inspiration here.
then i got my acrylics out and started painting.
after i painted the leaves and stems i started on the flowers then got cross eyed and decided to outline them first.
i'm a color fanatic so of course i had to use all kinds of colors in the tulip garden.
i just used a sharpie for the outlines.
then i made a vinyl sticker phrase on my cricut.
and there ya have it.

the "bloom where you are planted" is a sentimental quote for me as my parents who are in heaven always said that. 
so for now i  am trying to bloom as best i can :)