Thursday, April 2, 2015

strawberry easter bunnies

hey i got a healthy easter snack for you!

ok well, not really,
but it does involve fruit.
they're just basically chocolate covered strawberries.

but here are the deets anyway.

the straws:
the dipping process. 
make sure your strawberries are thoroughly DRY first.
don't dip the strawberry in the chocolate bark-
the juice from the top will mess up the chocolate consistency thus the reason for the "plopping".

 and do not cover the tops yet-
they need to dry out or the chocolate won't stick.
ok now you can cover the top.
be patient with this part-the top may still be a little wet-
i added the bark on thick and stuck it in the freezer to dry quickly.

time to add the ears (from jo ann's).
and now the eyes.
grab that food marker.
better huh?

and it's also better that these look like cake pops but they aren't at all and they are also healthier for you...well, as far as sweet treats go i guess...or not.

anyway, i thought i'd give you an easier easter treat now that it's getting closer and closer to bunny day and my marionettes probably threw some people over the edge.
i'm still hopping down the bunny trail!
one more bunny treat to go...


  1. I love the idea of a strawberry on a stick - and I love those straws you found - SCORE! Nothing like a healthy Easter Pop! ;)

    1. hehe i bet if you and i put all the scores of our food crafting stuff together we would fill up an entire Costco for me huh Kim? LOL ;)

  2. Now this a treat my Scrabble buddies will appreciate!!! And I see you got those straws at World Market!! 'Scuse me....I have to leave....where's my purse........keys? See ya tomorrow, BBFF!! Dona

    1. do your scrabble buddies wanna play at your house every month now? LOL be careful driving to get those straws my BBFF! ;)

  3. I love it Lisa! Your bunnies are so cute and I love that they have that cake pop look without all the extra work! "Berry" awesome! :)

    1. oh there you go again with your berry clever comments Karen! heehee you always manage to make me smile! :>D

  4. I REALLY wan to fit these in for Easter! They are SO cute and are healthier than most of my treats, for sure! :) Happy Easter, Lisa!

    1. oh man Sue i am SURE you can bust these babies out lickety quick with all your talent! ;)

  5. Hi there! Visiting from Craft Frenzy Friday. These are so cute! I love that you used paper straws!

    1. yay you're back Ash and Crafts! and yes i have a straw fetish only i hardly ever use them to drink out of! LOL thanks so much! :)


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