Wednesday, April 29, 2015

mini cactus placecard holders

well it all started when i got a clear glass vase from the dollar tree.
it was tall and lean with kinda like a bulb end.

i was gonna transform it into a cactus.
should i glue beads to it? paper mache it? 
add some kind of extension for its branch thingies?
ugh. i've had the vase for weeks now and i just couldn't figure out how to do it without making it labor extensive.
it was driving me crazy.

until i was at one of my fave stores and found this on sale: 

it was $8.99 and you get 8 of them.
worth it to me cuz i surrendered to that dollar tree vase idea and went with these instead.

and guess what?
i coulda made a hundred of these in the time it took me to write this post!

oh well, here goes:

these were in my craft stash but i know i got them at michael's at one point.
and look mini cactuses are born.

all ready when you have that cinco de mayo get together and use your little mexican blankets you got from party city.
place 'em right smack dab in that hole.
but where's the card you say?
well, i didn't have time to make one yet as it took forever to make up this post but i can always edit one in for you:
aren't they cute?
i only made 6 of them for each table setting but like i said you can make 8 total.
or put them on the food table for food labels too. 
you can also use different green spray paints for variation.
you can stick the card on top of the flower like so:

just don't put senor taco's label next to all the churros or he may take the whole plate.

and i know i know i keep saying i don't celebrate cinco de mayo but keep making mexican stuff anyway.
i can't help it i have a crafting disease with no cure.
anyway, make 'em cuz they're super duper easy.
oh and here's that pinterest pic for you since i keep seeing all these kinda vertical pics floating around and have pinned a number of these myself. 
ole ole!


  1. OK, OK, OK! Enough already, BBFF! You've convinced me! Scrabble at my house (again) and one of my friend's birthday celebration that night. We will have to have it 'Mexican' themed! These are beyond anything my old Thesaurus can say. I love 'em. Will have to check back on those sombrero cookies, cuz they are what caused me to you! Way to go, girl! Dona

    1. yay! Yay! YAY! your scrabble friends will have the best time i just know it especially the bday girl! i'm sure many others would love to stalk er...follow you BBFF, too, when they see the set up you have at your party! :>D

  2. YES YES YES! These are completely adorable, love those spikey cactus place cards!

    1. another YAY! YAY! YAY! thanks for the big smile on my face Kim! :>D

  3. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing.

    1. aw gee thank you Kathleen! so happy you like them :)

  4. Cute idea! I love Mexican decor too- so colorful!

    1. thank you Elise! i'm glad i found these things at target-that vase was haunting me too much! LOL i love the colors too :)

  5. Adorable mini Cactus place card holders.......great idea! Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. and they are super easy to put together- thanks so much Kathy! :)

  6. Haha...I love how this turned out! So creative!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

    1. thanks Jess! you never know what that darn target has lurking in the shelves that takes up all my money! LOL :>O

  7. What a great idea!! So so creative!! :-)


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