Wednesday, April 22, 2015

decorated boxes (gift ideas for mom's day)

so did you guys participate in the hunger games at target this past sunday?

holy moly what a cr-aaaaaaa-zy way to start a sunday morning!
it was quite the experience and 
quite interesting to say the least.
i got just a few things cuz hello i love lilly prints 
but holy heck people were 

it was definitely the epitome of the good, the bad and the ugly, seeing a bunch of crazed women running around grabbing literally 
everything they could into their cart.

i never experienced that before in my life.

after reading an article about what to expect 
and some survival tips,
i got there at 7:20am, was about the 100th person in line, 
and then there were about 200 or so more behind me.

i thought maybe i was in line to get free disney tickets or a free ice cream coupon for life but no, 
it was just lilly.

the store opened at 8am and by 8:08am (i looked at my watch), 
everything and i mean EVERYTHING lilly was gone.
it was a lilly tsunami of fever crazed women with greedy wide-eyes, sweaty foreheads, and thirst for that palm beach decor.

i went home and thought about what just happened that morning and contemplated about human life and its materialism and got depressed so i made my own lilly thing cuz dang it, 
if i can't get it, i'm gonna make it.

and so in my greedy desperation of all things lilly, i forgot about this wrapping paper i had stashed away years and years ago hoping to have a preppy party for my "no-way-in-heck-are-you-even-gonna-go-there" daughter.

so i made this craft after i saw these boxes in the dollar section of target while i watched women holding up their shift dresses and clutches saying, 
"i don't want this! i don't even know why i got this!...
oh well, i'll just sell it."

anyway, let's get on to these boxes i made already. 
as you can see, i made 3 of them, 
with only one lilly inspired cuz lord knows there is much more to life than lilly even though her prints make a lot of women extra happy, including myself.

so here's the low down of how to make 'em:

i was gonna give you measurements and such but you can do this with any box.
i used the box to draw out the pattern on the paper first, folded it and laid it on the box to be sure it fit exactly.

basically you just mod podge it with any kinda wrapping paper you want (oh i cannot even remember where i got the lilly wrapping paper for the life of me cuz it's literally about 5 or so years old!)and then add some embellishments.

here are a hundred pics give or take a few showing you the process: 

and yes, you read that right.
i bought a $6 headband cuz i fell in love with the pineapple. 
i pulled it off as an embellishment and was left with a plain pink headband that can still be used.

then i added some little stationary supplies in it.
and then it was done.
well, not exactly done cuz, 
when i found the lilly paper in my wrapping paper stash, i saw this paper i got from the paper source store here in town.
that store rocks and i could spend hours in that little store.

cuz look at this paper:
and this is what i did with it.
that pic up there in the upper left corner is how i glued the paper on the corners of the lid.
it's a recipe box!

i had those little recipe books for years too and they fit just right in the box.

that'll do until i get some new recipe cards. 
 2 boxes down.
1 to go.
should i wrap it in paper too?
naw i thought, so i got this:
it's a 3-D card i got just because, so i put it to good use.
(i know that glue is hard to see in the pic).

then i did this:

hey i found mod podge that was dishwasher safe?! 
did you know about that kind cuz i sure didn't.
uh oh, i see more crafting ahead...
anyway that's that.

 3 boxes that would make a cute personal gift 
for mother's day.

you can fill it with anything you want.
just not lilly products or you may get a line out your front door of crazed wide-eyed women with lilly fever!


  1. I love your Lilly inspired boxes! I too, was late and by late I mean didn't get there until the afternoon so all I got was fingernail files. I'm thinking, wait a couple of days, go back and buy what everyone returns. BTW, that wrapping paper is awesome, which I had found some!

    1. thank you thank you Kim! that darn lilly! i'm surprised you actually found some fingernail files! i'm thinking to go back again and see what they got but i do hope they take the huge lilly sign hanging off the ceiling by the front doors cuz it's depressing to see it and nothing is left! LOL :>O

  2. Well, girl, I guess I'm really out of the loop. I don't know what/who lilly is. But I guess if it's anything like your boxes, I'll be looking next time I shop!!! These boxes are so cute! Typical of my BBFF to do her own thing!! I'm on the lookout for things a 3 year old can do for Mother's Day and with a little tweaking, he could do this! Thanks bundles! You are the best! Dona

    1. well my BBFF, i think it's best not to know lilly as lilly women are INSANE (including me) for her bright colors and happy wait, that sounds like you would like her too! so go and check her out but not at target as all of us raided the goods, darn it all! :>O and i do think your little guy can decorate a box for his mom too with or without lilly! LOL ;)

  3. I saw your link on the I Gotta Create link party. I'm so glad you shared it! I absolutely love your boxes. I have also pinned this. I'm a grandma and I think that this would be a wonderful thing to make with granddaughters.

    I have a link party and would be thrilled if you would share this on it. I think my readers would love your idea, too. It's:

    1. wowza Nina! thank you SO much! the possibilities are as endless as there are wrapping paper and greeting cards :) i'll go link up to your party too! :)

  4. Well, well! I like your boxes better than Lilly-what's-her-face's any old day! And no one has to die while we take our time, enjoying the crafting process - inspired by your designs, but with personal touches of our own!
    Back in the day - well before you were born, my dear, I participated in a frenzy to secure a Cabbage Patch doll for my daughter. Wanted a blonde girl, ended up with "Ernie," a red headed boy who no one else wanted! Daughter said he was cute and dragged him everywhere - for maybe a week! The end!

    1. HAHAHA! oh you made my day J! perhaps an ernie box would've kept her interest longer? LOL i'm still giggling at your comment! thanks so much :>D

  5. HAHA! I love it, hunger games, lol. I actually went on Monday and it was completely void of anything even remotely related to Lilly Pulitzer. Stopping over from Weedend retreat. I made some DIY Lilly Pulitzer inspired plates in response to leaving empty handed.

    1. oh gosh darn it for you Stephanie :( !! but you were probably safer to stay home amidst all the crazies! i LOVE your plates! you're one smart gal :>D

  6. Oh gosh...super adorbs! :)

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  7. Thank you, thank you for participating in my Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link party!! I really appreciate it. Every time I see the pictures of your boxes, I covet them!!! They are so cute.

    All the best,

    1. yay! that's wonderful to hear Nina! and thanks again for the invite :>D!

  8. Fabby boxes - love them all, but the pom pom trim nails it for me - the recipe box is the best!

    1. that pom pom gets me every time too Julia! i'm so happy you stopped by and commented! :>D


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