Friday, April 3, 2015

chocolate-filled bunny croissants

after days and days of easter goodies and crafts,
we are at the end of the bunny trail.

today i have the easiest-peasiest easter treat that needs 
one ingredient.
ok, well one box of ingredients but nevertheless, 
you'll get more bunnies!
and boy have they multiplied on this blog.

here's the (one) ingredient.

it was saturday morning and i was craving chocolate.
but because i had bunnies on the brain,
everything that walked and talked looked like a bunny to me.

including this box of croissants that i found at my local grocery store, winn-dixie.

so the bunnies came out once again.

and if you have a food marker, 
make a smiley for that sunday morning easter treat.

  here's a photoshop example for ya.
wish i woulda had my food marker at the time but since i was craving chocolate,
i ate him after the fact.

 if you are feeling real ambitious, 
add an easter bonnet.

i dunno if cowboy hats with chicks and eggs can be called an easter bonnet but hey it works for me.
(i wouldn't eat that part though.)


  1. Cute as can be!!! You are amazing. But, now that Easter is over......what's next????? Can't wait to see what my BBFF comes up with! Dona

    1. hmmmm....mother's day is coming up, so maybe everything's comin' up roses? :>O or in this case, flowers? thanks for my smile BBFF! :>D


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D