Friday, April 10, 2015

unnecessary necessary things

it's been eons ago that i posted anything in the "spent?" or "shine" category on this blog.

i was going to do another craft tutorial but decided that i had to share these latest finds with you.

but first understand that i realize i am above and beyond the kiddie age, 
and these picks are certainly not anything sophisticated, 
however i am choosing them anyway and celebrating 
my inner child.

 cuz dang i think we get ripped off only having 17 years of childhood and 
the. rest. of. your. life. being. an. adult.

oh how depressing.

exact opposite of these finds.
first up,
check out these packages.
gift wrap to die for
SQUEEEE is all i could think.
i dunno why it took me so long to discover these.
oh yeah, now i know. 

it's cuz i subscribe to 99,000 blogs and this post from handmade charlotte is one i must've missed.
thank goodness i found 'em this time cuz you could put a dead rat in this and i would still love it foreva.

speaking of love, are you familiar with joy?
she wrote this book:
which has crafts like this:

 and instructions on how to make food look faaab-u-lous 
like this:
(pics from amazon here)
now lemme tell you something.
i have a gigundo amount of art/craft/baking books and 
THIS book rates #1 in my eyes.
i have never been so excited to read a book cover to cover that did not involve a story in my life.
every page is different, every layout is different and 
every page i love.

heck i even wrote a review and i NEVER wrote a 
5 star amazon review on anything, 
but this one got me crazy compelled to share.

get the book for pure inspiration.
you won't be sorry.

ok next up.
did you hear target is gonna sell lilly starting the 19th?


i can't figure out if i should,

a. do finger exercises to strengthen my fingers when i click click click on everything at midnite on April 19th on the target website when the sale goes live
b. skip grocery shopping for a week to save money so i can afford everything i want.
(i mean, my family had dinner every. night. this week.
isn't that enough?)
c. invest in a very large cane so i can bring it with me when i stand outside the target doors before they open at 8am just in case someone should get too close to me when i charge for the items.

heck i think i'll choose option d. which is all of the above

in the meantime, i'm gonna keep staring at all of eva's creations.
i found her on handmade charlotte again and then clicked over to her misako mimoko site where i proceeded to spend endless hours trying to calm myself from all the giddiness i was feeling. 

then i found this giant thing.
which i plan to skip a month's grocery shopping so i can fill my entire house with it when i shop at the lark store.
cuz who needs furniture anyway?

then once i get all of them stuffed into my house,
all i'll need is this:
what you don't think this is absolutely necessary?
it comes with the candy included.

so that's it for now.
if you need me i'll be eating a sprinkle donut and playing hopscotch.

(dang these stupid hot flashes i keep having...!)


  1. Wow! Just spent some time clicking on everything right along with you and I am also dee-lighted! These ladies create in the same fresh, whimsical style that you do! I am crazy about the Pick 'n Mix dispenser. That is just too cute! Thanks for this great collection! I have some pinning, crafting and ordering to do!

    1. HA! i'm so happy we have the same tastes J! :) hope i didn't empty your wallet too much! ;>D

  2. I believe everything listed above is Necessary - Love all your finds!

    1. thanks so much Kim! as if we don't have enough already huh? LOL i should have a bigger garage on this list of things to buy! heehee :)

  3. must have that balloon! must!! pretttty colorrrrsssss!!!!!

    1. HAHA your comment cracked me up MissyB_in_NJ-it's pretty much what i said when i saw it too! i know we can make our own confetti balloons but they won't be these gigundo ones so i must have them too! :>D

  4. So neat! :)

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D