Sunday, March 22, 2015

celebration cake candle & straws for year 3

hey guys!
today's a VERY special day here on this 'ole blog.

1095 days ago i sat down on my computer 
and started a little place called 
hoopla palooza.

26,280 hours,
1,576,800 seconds,
376 posts, 
510 features,
and too many hours spent thinking creating, 
and shopping to make things for the blog,
we've come to this point.

today is year 3 of this blog.
i made a cake for such an occasion.

but it's no ordinary cake, 
it's one to last awhile actually and totals zero calories.
yup. zero.

that's cuz it's actually a candle.

i got the candle tin at target dollar spot for 3 bucks and had some stucco in my craft room.
i also got a candle stick and candle plate at the dollar tree.
and i went to town.
i colored the stucco pink using a dab of acrylic paint, 
frosted the candle with the pink stucco, 
sprinkled it all up, 
glued some beads from an old target kid necklace, 
spray painted the plate and holder and glued them together, 
and then after 24 hours of drying time for the candle, 
i was done.

then i took some giant straws, 
covered them up with washi tape & fabric tape, 
filled them with mini m&m's and gumballs,  
stapled the ends and made a flame 
out of cardstock and twine, 
added it to the top of each straw, 
and that was that 
to make a coupla' candy candles.
3 of them for each year with one to grow.
so as i sit here contemplating these past 3 years of blogging, 
i can't help but wonder where i would be today if i never started this blog.

i had NO idea what i was doing or getting into at first.
and still have NO idea where all this is gonna take me if anywhere.

but i do know this for sure.
this blog has given me more joy than i ever imagined 
and more peace along with it.
it's pretty dang awesome doing something you love, and then getting to share it with awesome people like YOU who constantly give me warm fuzzies 
and reasons to do a happy dance.

you've helped me open up a part of my life 
i never knew existed.

you light me up.
so i guess i will keep making stuff for you and even though i never intended this blog to be a place for tutorials, this is where i am staying cuz there's nothing like sharing the gifts you get from above and giving it all away.

this blog is not about me at all,
but about you.

which brings me to something else i made.
i have always wanted to write a book about my creations.
but i also realize getting noticed in the world these days requires some heavy duty social networking.
something i just don't put the time into doing.

thus my numbers on social media are waaaay low than most but that's ok...
i got you so what more do i want?

you're what makes it possible my light doesn't go out.
knowing there ain't ever gonna be an email from a publisher who suddenly discovers me and wants a dozen or two (LOL)
hoopla palooza books to launch, 
i went ahead and made a few books of my own.

it's just in case there's a zombie computer eating apocalypse and this blog gets eaten up into oblivion.

it's also pretty cool for my kids 
when they can go thru these books and see 
every. single. creation. i ever made,
and see why mom needs this blog to be a better mom to them.

but this celebration is not complete without one more thing.
a thank you giveaway where YOU get to pick your prize 
from one of 3 craft stores.
just lemme know.
it starts NOW and runs til midnite on March 30th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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i hope you'll stick with me as we keep creating 
more serious fun.
i couldn't do it without you.

here's to another 1,576,800 seconds together plus more.



  1. Thank you for the gift card opportunity! I would love to win a gift card to Michael's!
    Love your blog- keep creating :)

    1. no thank YOU cnesselrodt! i'm SO happy you entered and even more happy you love my blog! yippeee! :>D

  2. Congratulations on 3 years. It is pretty amazing how much joy you can find while blogging about fun projects. You certainly bring joy to your readers. Your books look great! If I won a gift card I'd probably choose Hobby Lobby even though we have all 3 stores within a 1/4 mile of each other. I'd like to get some more things to decorate the walls of my basement movie theater and they have some fun wall hangings.

    1. oh Beth you know you are one of my all time food idols! if i could, i'd hand deliver a couple movie signs to your door for a day to spend in the kitchen with you! :>D i'm so glad you like my books too-hey're were a labor of love but i'm really happy with the results :) maybe one day i'll make an official one huh? lol

  3. Oh, congratulations, my BBFF for 3 years of bringing joy to us! I wish you another 30! I'm not going to enter your giveaway because I was the lucky winner last year, and I'm still enjoying my loot! Keep on keeping on, my friend! Dona

    1. oh BBFF! look how thoughtful you are! there are no disclaimers or fine print on my contests so if you change your mind, go ahead and enter! :) i win every time you visit here and hopefully it will continue for another 30 years (wowza! thats a heckuva long time! lol) :>O

  4. Congratulations, Lisa, on three years of awesome blogginess.
    Love love love your creations and have made a few.
    You are amazing.
    If i won, i would really love a Michael's gift card
    My favorite products they carry are Cricut, Timothy Holtz, Hero Arts, and they store brand Reflections.
    Thank you for offering this opportunity to win!

    1. oh mary i love love love your comment-it gave me a happy tear! ;>D it's people like you that helps my brain keep spinning :)!

  5. Congrats on 3 years. If I won I'd pick Michaels and I'd get more Perler Beads cause my kids are so addicted to making designs and we are running low on beads.

    1. thank you SOOO much Diana! those perler beads are addicting LOL best of luck to you :)

  6. I have never enjoyed opening an email as much as I do yours. I laugh alot and feel so much better after reading you. I would like a Hobby Lobby gift card. Only cuz it is only store here in this town. I love Michael's better but they are an hour away. I buy paper, Sizzix dies, chip board items, mason jars, and what ever strikes my fancy. Congratulations on 3 years and here's a toast to many more funny years together

    1. OH. MY. GOODNESS Judi!!!!you gone and made my day. my week. my year!!!!
      :>D :>D :>D !!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      if i could i would build a michael's store right across the street where you live...oopsies that may be dangerous to the pocketbook huh?! LOL

  7. Aww! This is such a neat idea! :)

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week! Don't forget to enter the $5 Starbucks Giftcard Giveaway!

    1. thanks again and again Jess! giveaways are fun aren't they? :>D!

  8. WOW, blogging for three years and TWO books - that's awesome! I love that you went ahead and made those books, so fun! You and your blog bring me so many smiles, isn't it great to get to do something you love and share with the world? If I won, I would LOVE a gift card to any craft shop, but Hobby Lobby would be my pick.

    1. haha! maybe in 10 years i'll have a whole dozen books? i dunno Kim, if i waited around to get something published i'd be 6 feet under knowing i hardly do social media LOL-it's nursing work that gets in the way that i can't spend so much time on the computer. anyway, they were fun to make and really cool having it in my hand-i bet if you made a book of all your stuff it would be thicker than any phone book and man oh man i would love to have a copy of it! :>D thanks again and again for the smile you bring to me!

  9. Oh my goodness Lisa..Happy 3 Years to hoopla palooza! Your celebration candle cake is your post made me cry! We are blogger sisters for sure. I can so relate to everything you're telling us here..from the shopping/time spent, to the social media and to the amazing dream of a book one day. I love that you made your own books, it is something that I've also thought about. They are so colorful and beautiful..but of course..that is your personality!

    1. oh my Karen! talk about a day brightener knowing i have you as my blogger sis! dang you are SOOOO sweet! i <3 you!!! :>D XOXOXO
      and i think you should go ahead and make YOUR book too-that way when a publisher calls all you have to do is turn your manuscript in and his eyes will pop out seeing you beat the deadline-LOL! i think i'm gonna make a few more again with stuff i don't have on the blog just in case?...hey a girl can always dream right? ;)

  10. I would pick a Micheal's gift card and probably buy something baking related. :) Happy Anniversary to you! The books look so fun; I need to do that!!! I have had my blog for SIX years this month, and still no book offer, haha!

    1. Dear Sue,
      After careful scrutiny of your blog over the past 6 years, we have come to the realization that not only are we ridiculously clueless, but completely slow in getting to you. What we mean is, we would LOVE to have you publish a few dozen books about your cookie decorating and ultra fabulous over the top cute cookies. We were looking to also promote you for a world book tour that would include taking your entire family along as you wish with all expenses paid.
      Please consider our offer.
      Iadore Yurwork, Editor
      Dream Publisher, Inc.

  11. WOW 3. Congratulations!
    I do enjoy your site
    here's to another 3

    1. thank you SOOO much Cathy! i hope i'm around for another 3 (and more) too! :>D

  12. Hi Lisa - Congratulations my friend! It's an honor to know you and work with you and I love seeing all of your fun creations. Also many congratulations on the books - I know how hard it is to do everything and kudos!!! Here's to many more years of happy blogging and friendship together! Hugs, Holly

    1. THANK YOU Holly! oh you are just the sweetest! and it's an honor to have you as a bloggy friend too!!! here's to writing more books for the both of us! :>D

  13. What a cute idea! Thanks again for linking up with us at Idea Box link party. I hope you'll join us again this week!

    1. so happy you like it Creative Clementine! i plan on making more "cakes" in the near future :)

  14. I just stumbled upon this post and I love it. I want to make some of these to give out as birthday gifts. Seriously adorable!

    1. YIPPEEE! best compliment when someone makes my stuff! thank you Our Life at 31-derful! :>D!

  15. Lisa! CONGRATULATIONS! I love the look of your books and am so proud of you for compiling them! Just now catching up on your Easter goodies and am amazed at the quantity and cuteness of them all! Looking forward to Mother's Day!

    1. oh gosh how the heck did i miss this comment J? thank you thank you and i look forward to Mother's day and the other holidays coming up considering it's Jan 2017 already! what the heck?!?! lol :>O

  16. Hi Lisa,
    I love your ideas! Everything is so colorful and cheerful. I'm looking into printing my blog to a memory book also and am wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing what company you used and if you are happy with the quality? Thank you!

    1. hi Mary! oh gosh thank YOU for reading my blog! i haven't been posting as much lately but have a feeling that will change soon or my next book will be really short! lol i hope you come back again and again and check out Shutterfly cuz that's the company i made my books with and i'm real pleased with them :>D


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D