Friday, March 20, 2015

bunny jars

happy first day of spring guys! 
it's finally bunny season here.

i got something for you that i do hope you make-
it's ultra easy and just requires a trip to target to get the main supplies.
i love me some mason jars but shoot i have sooo many now in all sorts of colors and sizes that i really had no reason whatsoever to go buy another jar...until i saw these short fat ones at target and was smitten by their shape.
so as you can see, i changed them into bunnies.

aaand i got some hair supplies to go with them, 
but they're not intended to be put in my hair or anyone else's for that matter,
seeing my hubby has no hair up top, my daughter's a teen and my son is well, a boy.

ok i'll stop rambling.
here's what i got:
that tail is BIG by the way. 
and it comes attached to a bunny cardboard that you can see in the corner pic. i think it's too big for someone's head actually. 
it would look like a gigundo snowball on top of your head and being it's spring and i think most people are waaay over winter already, wearing a snowball to remind people of winter could be quite dangerous.
but one thing is for sure,
i'm a sucker for things that are SO FLUFFY.
maybe i should buy a unicorn?

anyway, where were we?

when you glue the ear down, the clip is curved which makes it a little tricky to stick to the lid. i held a scissors down on it and pushed down til it set up a little then i removed the scissors carefully as it stuck just a little. finally i squeezed the ears down again with my hand to help the clips stick and it stayed on :)
yes and say 

the straw bow is already tied-just trim and 
you'll get instant whiskers.
use the rest of the straw and 
the wooden tag for whatever you want. 
(you can attach it to the jar when you're done.)

ok now grab a few extra supplies to finish the bunny.
but what about the ugly exposed ear clips on the lid?
no prob. you got this.
make a bow out of ribbon or use a child's hair bow clip and hot glue it between the ears.

so there you have it.

hmm..what should i store in them?
got any ideas?
ok so maybe not peanut butter...?!
ok so while i decide on what to put in them, 
i'll just remember to keep it: 

i'm off to get some milk chocolate easter eggs, easter reese's cups, easter m&m's, easter malted milk balls, jelly beans, flour, sugar, washi tape, buttons...
but no peanut butter.

in the meantime,
without the fluffy snow.


  1. Well it looks like I'll have to make that trip to Target - those little jars are full of fun and that bunny tail is just too cute!

    1. bring your hundred dollar bill to Target Kim! cuz there's much more "unnecessary necessary" stuff to get there as you know LOL i think those bunny tails are really supposed to be a tail costume thingie instead of for your hair like i mentioned-goes to show you how much i know! LOL ;)

  2. awwww! Cute, cute, CUTE! I could see these being handed out at Easter dinner in place of baskets. They'd be filled with make up goodies for teenage girls, notions for quilters, pet snacks for crazy cat ladies, candy and lottery tickets for guys....etc.
    And LOL - no joke, my dear! Reminding some of us of winter WOULD be "dangerous!"

    1. oh and you are not only sweet, sweet, sweet but also smart, smart, SMART! i LOVE your ideas J! and i won't mention icicles, snowflakes, or fluffy snow tails anymore to keep outta the danger zone! ;)

  3. These are adorable Lisa! Plus your new word is too cool..gigundo!!

    1. thank you Karen! and i'm surprised you never heard of gigundo? cuz i love all your sweets gigundo much! :>D

  4. Replies
    1. how very nice of you to say Burlap and Sawdust! thank you! :)

  5. These bunny jars are so cute! Such a fun easter/spring project! Thanks so much for joining us for the Celebrate Southern link up! Hope to see you back again this coming week! :)

    1. thank you J Trogstad! i ended up filling them up with easter candy-they're quite colorful :)

  6. Such cute little Easter Jars, and a great tutorial for decorating them. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. thank you so much Kathy! they're a lot easier to make than the tutorial itself-lol :)

  7. OH my gosh! These are adorable! :) SO cute!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week! Don't forget to enter the $5 Starbucks Giftcard Giveaway!

    1. oh gosh thank you again Jess! you always bring a smile to my face :>D!

  8. I just love these and perfect time for Easter! Thanks for sharing!

    1. yay! that's great The Golden Rule Kids! thanks so much! i hope you get to make these fluffy tail jars. heehee :>D

  9. Thank you for contributing to Motivation Monday!

  10. These are so cute! Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

    1. they're even cuter in person Jacqui! :) i may have to keep them on my shelf year round...

  11. Happiest bunnies I've seen in a long time ;)

    Thanks for linking up this week:)
    Mila (Idea Box)

    1. hooray for happy hares! heehee
      thank you ever so much Mila! :>D

  12. Those cute bunny faces and big cotton tails make me happy!

    1. i'd LOVE some of your cookies in it Sue! talk about making anyone hoppy happy! :>D

  13. I am a nut when it comes to "mason jars" I am hooked on all the ideas and creations, these are so cute!!! I have pinned to my Mason Jar board today!!

    Have a great week, Karren
    Oh My Heartsie Girl

    1. jeepers thank you SOOO much OhMyHeartsieGirl! any mason jar "nut" is a lovable nut in my book :>D!


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