Monday, March 30, 2015

easter egg bunny bottom brownies

so here i am again for the how many days in a row now of blogging?
i'm gonna need a blog vacation once easter's over!
this is soo not like me! 

but hey i want to show you what i did with the other half of the white easter eggs i had when i made my celebrity lady singer eggs. LOL 
(you'll only get this if you read that post)

but i am serious about the other half of the eggs cuz look what i did with them:
they are surprise-inside treats except the surprise is on the outside of the treat instead of baked inside.

well, look again:
of course i was inspired by all the bunny butt treats out there but i wanted to make a different kinda bunny bottom treat cuz well, 
i am just a weirdo and always try to do things outside the box.

anyway, they're pretty darn easy to make.
here's what you need:

and the bunny kit is from target (sigh) again.

first make your brownies and while they are baking, 
make the bunny bottom using melted candy for the glue.
super duper easy right?!
and the reason you want the eggs cold is so the candy hardens real quick and makes the tail and feet easier to stick.

so now your brownies have beeped done in the oven. what next?

once the brownies have completely cooled, 
grab the filling stuff.

put these on the easter table until you tell the kids they MUST eat their carrots before they go on the easter egg hunt.
and tell them feet and tails are on the menu too.

you think they'll mind?

and CONGRATS to JUDI for winning my 


  1. These are super cute, I really like those gummy carrots and wish we had them over here. I think everyone will happily eat all their carrots first with these on the table :)

    1. thank you SOOO much Linda! dang i wish you had some carrots over there too! :(
      if i had these on the table when i was little i'd actually be sneaking more carrots on my plate! LOL ;)

  2. Such an adorable and very clever idea. I now have to run to Cracker Barrel to get some gummy carrots. I was looking for them at other stores but hadn't found any. I also love the kit from Target and may need to stop there too. I think it would be cool to make the egg part of this treat out of white chocolate. That way the whole thing is edible, but either way these treats are so much fun!

    1. oh gosh Beth only YOU would think of such a clever idea! i would be afraid my edible egg toppers would crack on me-LOL i bet you run all over finding food stuff! glad i could help and i'll keep my fingers crossed cracker barrel has them for you! they do have the cutest holiday candy as well, as well as, all candy! heehee :)

  3. This goes above and beyond creative! I'd need my Thesaurus to describe how cute these things are! Love them! Oh, my BBFF, you keep my mind alive with all your yummy ideas! Dona

    1. yay! i keep your mind alive! that sounds funny Dona. LOL when i think of surprise treats i try to make things make sense instead of just putting candy in everything :) although putting candy in everything is pretty cool too my BBFF! ;)

  4. I just can't get enough of your little bunny butts - love that they have a surprise inside too!

    1. thank you Kim! who'da thunk you'd ever say you couldn't get enough of bunny butts?! :>O LOL

  5. So cute! I wish we had Cracker Barrels here.....

    1. thank you Auntiepatch! you can always make carrots out of orange and green tootsie rolls or taffy or starburst :>D yippee!

  6. These are so cute! :)

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

    1. thank you Jess! you're awfully nice to visit often :)


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D