Tuesday, March 17, 2015

happy green/rainbow day round-up

cheerio everyone!
happy st. patty's day to to you!

if you're not looking to get pinched today, make one or all of these treats that'll sure win you a free green beer or better yet a warm fuzzy hug.
ok so maybe green beer isn't for everybody?!?
click here to see what these leprechauns really want for official green day.

i think it has something to do with what's in these pots.
although i'd eat the whole pot myself. 
check 'em out here.

not into making treats that require dipping?
then grab this:
these yummies are easy and melt in your mouth. 
click here to see.

don't wanna bake?
what about a candy cup?
find him and his buddy here.

in a time crunch?
make these:
no baking. and done in 5 minutes. come see here.

okey dokey so that's all i got for you this year to celebrate the rainbow holiday.
hope you guys get lucky tonite.

i mean making these treats!
c'mon now!...


  1. Happy St. Patty's Day! 3rd year in a row for me with no green treats. I'll have to do better next year! Yours are all adorable!

    1. no worries Karen-i do believe ALL your deelish sweets make up for any green treat :) i'm always SO happy when you come by :>D

  2. Wow, lots of detailed work! Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

    1. i always shake my head when i do my round-ups Jas-i wonder how much housework i'd get done if i put forth that much energy into it! LOL ;)

  3. I would never ever eat your desserts! Every little thing you prepare is ART. You can't eat art, right?? ;)
    Absolutely love them :)

    Thanks for joining our parteyyy!


    1. HAHA! i don't think my hubby would like it if we never ate any of my treats-there's be no room in the fridge for his beer...well, actually i mean, snacks. LOL although not eating art sounds right too! absolutely love your comment Mila-you're SO sweet! :)

  4. Wow! You did an amazing job!! Love all the treats. Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

    1. oh my! thank you SOOO much Jacqui! it's kinda funny when i see all my stuff together-shows me how insane i am! LOL ;)


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D