Saturday, October 6, 2018

texas sheet cake ghoul cookies

it's a cake!
it's a cookie!
well, kinda...
it's a cake cookie?!

well, whatever it is, it is scary, 
and just in time for halloween.

texas sheet cake ghoul cookies.
i found this recipe on pinterest and 
my eyeballs lit up.

i'm not a fan of chocolate cake. 
but i LOOOOOOVE texas sheet cake.
i think it has something to do with the frosting 
and that my mom made it many times and 
holy halloween heck i couldn't get enough of it!

but when it came to making it, it took 
a lotta steps and made a cake to feed an army.
so to the rescue comes this recipe that is a super shortcut to the next best thing and doesn't feed an army cuz 
it's just enough.

anyway, let's check out how to make these babies. 
here goes:
oh my!
that's all you need to make sheet cake cookies?

while they are baking, 
make the frosting which comes together real quick too.

you can pour the frosting over the warm cookies but i scoop it on to make less of a mess.
now normal people would leave these cookies alone after they frost them or add some walnuts on top but 
nooo, not me, 
i gotta halloweenize these guys!
or you can skip the ooooh, creepy, and spooky part and just add sprinkles.

me too mr. ghoul!
make these yummies and scream with delite cuz there's nothing like taking a regular cookie recipe and turning them into ghouls.


  1. Yummmmmm! You had me at Texas Sheet Cake! I've made it many times, but never as cookies and never as ghouls!!! Where in the world did you find gummy teeth??? Said it before will say it again....YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Dona

    1. oh jeepers creepers (as in these ghouls lol) i do like the cake better but these are so darn quick to make and are really yummy when they are warm :>D i got the gummy teeth at marshall's but i've seen them at home goods, tj maxx and several candy stores! i wish you luck on your gummy teeth venture Dona LOL ;>O


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