Friday, October 12, 2018

from the archive: spooky halloween serving spoons

hi yo!
this weekend is dedicated for making 
all kinds of halloween goodies!

i kinda don't get how some bloggers make halloween stuff so darn early unless they freeze everything...?!

guess i could do that too but heck i'm afraid some of the treats would taste ghastly if i made them too early (maybe that's what they are supposed to taste like on halloween?)

anyway, today's post is all about 
what or "who" is serving the treats.
so here's an old halloween archived post that still 
stands today at my annual halloween parties. 

spooky halloween serving spoons.
click HERE for the post.

i love these guys. 
hopefully i can whip up some 
halloween goodies to match these halloween goodies. lol

anyone know of a good witch that can cast a good spell on me?

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