Tuesday, October 9, 2018

dollar tree skeleton picture

today we are gonna do a lickety splickety halloween craft. 
because halloween is coming up lickety splickety.

all you have to do is take a trip 
to your nearest dollar tree, 
grab some hot glue, and you are 
on your way to making a 
dollar tree skeleton picture
for your spooky viewing pleasure.
so all the supplies will cost you $3 plus tax.
daggone dollar tree is becoming one of my staple stores. 
holy cow i think their inventory is 
remarkable and you can find sooo many things 
in there that would cost so much more in other stores.

and no i am not getting paid for saying that but if anyone out there wants to pay me, 
i'm all ears. lol

anyway, where were we?
oh yeah. you probably already figured out 
how easy peasy this is but here are the directions anyway.

hot glue the eyes and place over the cheek bones.
then pull the ring off the door hanger and discard so you just have the bow and the bells.
glue the bow to the neck area and woolah!

oooooooky spooooooky!!!!
the pic has a mirror image too so you can look into it 
and see how spooky you look in the morning before you brush your hair. 
LOL just kidding Beautiful!


  1. You crack me up!
    this is a riot.
    it's so good to be receiving your creative posting again!
    love your work, beautiful!

    1. YAHOOO! i LOVE it when beautiful people like you, mary stuart, enjoy my warped sense of humor. it's a beautiful thing! THANK YOU! :>D

  2. Hilarious! I have one of those door hangers....on my door....imagine that. How unimaginative! But if I make your pic, and hung THAT on the back of my door....imagine what people would think when they turned to close the door! (insert evil laugh) Lisa, you are the best, girl!! Dona

    1. MWAHAHAHA evil laugh galore! now that is hilarious! you have always been my kinda gal Dona!!! :>D


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