Friday, October 19, 2018

fancy haired frankenstein marshmallows

frankenstein month.

i have a love for the brainless guy, 
as he is quite an easy food craft because 
he is just basically a rectangle with 
no odd blobby shape or pointed hat or sharp teeth. 
and it's even better when he comes already green and packaged to give.

but today we are gonna up that just a little to make 
fancy haired frankenstein marshmallows.
what you never knew frank could have fancy hair?
why not it's his holiday to dress up y'know.

let's check out the process of giving him a new do.
just grab these supplies,
the peeps come from joann's and the rest from walmart.

these guys like to stick together but we are not having it.

so after you get them all separated,
wipe the sticky ends of the stick with a wet paper towel then...
ok after the frankenstein pumpkin foosball game, 
give them the chocolate works...

melt 3 blocks of the almond bark,
using his neck nails to hold onto,
 coat the back of the head and sides,
 then lay on parchment paper.
then coat the forehead.

oh boy! 
we better get to that.
it's very important frankensteins feel alive you know.
yikes! looks like word got around...

let's grab that chocolate now.
and pour some on their foreheads.
(lol that sounds weird)
allow to dry and 
there ya go.
no lightning bolts required to make this treat aaaand
it'll make YOU feel alive too when you make them for your halloween sweeties.


  1. Glad to see you changed your what-ever-you-call-that-sentence up there! Anyway. Love these guys! And I have actually seen them at JoAnn's! Not so handsome as they are now, though. Good going girl! Dona

    P.S. Just want to say, one more time, that it sure is good to have you back in my inbox!!!

    1. and it's good to be back Dona so i can change whatever-i-call-that-sentence up there!?! lol it's also very good that you you're here!!! :>D


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