Tuesday, November 7, 2017

faux pie pie-topped pie servers

hey i got my first 2017 turkey post for you. 
only it has nothing to do with turkey. 
it will, however, make many a turkey happy 
if you used this instead of a baster.

i'm talking about faux pie pie-topped pie servers!
i'm gonna get right down to the diy cuz 
they were a lot of fun to create.
let's go!

grab these supplies.
i got the cake servers from dollar tree!
the rest of the stuff comes from hobby lobby.
so let's bake some pies.
i didn't measure how much clay to mix of each color, 
i just grabbed a part of the small block and started mixing.
there is no right or wrong, just play with the clay. lol

now make the filling.
i sometimes make a chocolate cream pie for turkey day too 
so i had to include this one.
hey look how cute! hehe
can't forget about the detail tools...
are we missing anything?
turkey? no...
stuffing? no...
mash potatoes? no...
oh yeah! the apple pie!!!
i just basically made a ball of clay to add height 
to the apple pie and then covered it.

and there you have them.
let's bake 'em according to the clay directions and not at 350 degrees for an hour like regular pies unless you want crispy critters...

so while those bake (at 275 degrees for 30 minutes) 
let's grab those stickers and servers.
now while those dry, let's take those baked pies 
and allow them to cool.
well at least they look like the real pies i make! sigh actually while they were still warm i smooshed the tops so the crack wouldn't show so much. too bad i can't do that to real pies!

anyway, let's use this that i got on amazon 
to make them shiny:
then when they finally dry, hot glue them to the dollar tree cake servers to make them pricelss pie servers! HA!

now with all the pies i make for turkey day i can use the server for each pie and not worry about mixing pie fillings up cuz i really don't like pumpkin in my cherry pie...

i'll use the pumpkin server for the pumpkin pie!
and the apple server for my apple pie and gee...
 what should i use the cherry and chocolate servers for? lol just kidding!
just handwash these cuz even though i used dishwasher safe mod podge over the stickers 
i wouldn't say the pies are dishwasher safe...
cuz when the heck are pies ever gonna be dishwasher safe?!? cuz i dunno about you but i usually put my pies 
in the oven or better yet in my mouth lol
i reeeeaaaallllly like these! 
so much so i made a hashtag about them:
haha am i a turkey or what?!?
gobble gobble.


  1. OK, where do I start? How cute? How clever? Or do I pick out just one detail....like using a bottle top for the pie dish? Who knew you could buy them by the bag! Well, you obviously! Yeah, way cute, clever and bound for pinning! You are starting off Thanksgiving with a winner!! Dona

    1. i don't know where i would be without Dona, when it comes to this blog! but as long as you like what i make, i'll keep making! you always start my day with a BIG SMILEY!!! :>D :>D :>D

  2. Those little pies are so cute!! What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing with Party in Your PJs.

    1. thank you Lynda! now if only they were real, i bet we wouldn't feel so bad eating them after a big turkey meal! lol :)

  3. #adorable Lisa, when I saw the first photo, I thought the pies were storebought magnets. But you MADE them...awesome! Super cute idea! ☺️

    1. thank you Karen! that's funny you say that because i spent a good hour searching for pie stickers or magnets or something at hobby lobby and when i couldn't find any that would work i just decided to make them! lol it was a blessing in disguise :)

  4. OhMyGoodness -- how fun are these? You are so creative! Pinning this so the world can see!

    1. WOWZIE!!! thank you thank you thank you thank you! and did i mention thank you Lisa Healy?! lol :>D

  5. These are so darling! I'd love to see them linked up at our virtual refrigerator craft party: http://www.ourunschoolingjourney.com/2017/11/virtual-refrigerator-thanksgiving.html. Pinned.

    1. YIPPEE! thanks for the invite and the pin Mother of 3! i just linked up too :)

    2. You're welcome! Thanks for joining us!


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