Friday, February 19, 2016

shabby chic baby girl shower

well this one's epic.
at least for me it is.

i've been talking about a 
certain baby shower for awhile and 
as promised, today's post is all about 
that day i prepared for awhile ago.

i've done hundreds of parties over the years 
and i guess the more you do stuff 
the better you get an eye for how and what to do. 

so i put forth all i had into 
what you are about to see.

so without further ado,
ladies and ladies and a few gents maybe,
may i present to you:
a quick look at the food,
but 'round here, desserts are always first.
the party was for my friend's daughter and was held
in their huge lanai area.

those desserts are sitting right 
smack in the middle of the lanai
on top of a pool table covered in 
insulation board.

everything you see i made and had or bought, 
except for this:
ain't she a beauty?!?!
the mom-to-be got it from a local baker.

with everything i had to do,
there was no way i was signing up 
to make the cake too.

i mean, even transporting it from 
bakery to pool table was stressful, 
as you can see here when dad-to-be 
delivered it himself and said a certain 
"s word" as it slipped and hit his shirt 
when he laid it on the cake plate.
i thank my lucky stars i had 
NOTHING to do with that cake. lol

anyway, i did make all the rest 
as you can see here, and some i did make 
a recent post about it if you care to check out 
the archived stuff i made here on this blog.

so here ya go:
baby face macarons, 
strawberry chocolate chip cookies,
oreos using candy molds,
gotta have brownies at a party,
and cake pops to match the centerpieces,
personalized pretzels in mom-to-be lindsey
and baby-to come olivia names 
with little chocolate bows.
and finally cheesecake cups and dipped rice krispies which i put out last minute 
cuz i wanted to keep them cold.

that's what went in the 
empty domes you see here:
oh never mind, here ya go:
i had to cover up the desserts and not have them available til after lunch.

man they couldn't wait to dig in though, 
and being in the center of the party sure didn't help any sugarholic self-control issues.

so here are the pink tables:
and the party favors up close.
that's a little fold up box in the lower left pic to put some desserts in to take home
for later since there was so much available.

and here's the decor i made except for the candles in the top left corner
which mom of mom-to-be made. 
aren't they cute?
this table was at the entry way for guests 
to sign with their fingerprint
on a purchased etsy fingerprint tree that 
mom-to-be bought.
there was a game table too.
along with a basket of prizes.
and a create-your-own-headband-for-the-baby table.
grandpa-to-be made that pvc headband stand.
it's awesome isn't it?

oh hey you hungry yet?
i mean, we did eat dessert first
but how 'bout some hor d'ouevres?

and now that that's done, 
we can finally get to the main meal:

chicken salad with and without croissants, 
cucumber dill sandwiches, caesar salad, 
pasta salad, mac n' cheese,
meatballs, and deli and antipasto platters. 
ok now we are all full.
and that was how the 60+ guests ended their day.
(they had a hello welcome sign in the front too 
that's not pictured cuz i took 513 pics altogether (?!?!?!?) and am still
a little tired from going through them all.

not to mention i had my son's 13th bday party 
the weekend before with 22 kids.
with another 200+ pics i took.

holy schmoly,
i feel like a baby in need of a really 
good meal and a diaper change.

i think the photo props i got/made 
for the guests kinda summed up my mood 
when it was all over...
someone tell those grandmas-to-be that those are bibs.
and that i needed one for the drool i had 
from passing out after it was all done...

can't wait to have another party!


  1. Oh. My. Word. I'm speechless. And oh, so humbled. I've said you were amazing before, BBFF, but that was an understatement. What a fabulous party you set up! Girl! Everything is beautiful!......ut oh. that reminds me of a song..................NOOOOOOOOOO! It's gonna be in my head all day!!!!!! But you ARE a wonder! I'm so impressed. Dona

    1. it's own waaaay!!!.....LOL oh. my. word. you are kindness beyond words!!!! a true BBFF i am truly grateful for. thanks so very much for all the bloggy love Dona! yeah that was some party, and seeing the guests go ga ga crazy made it all worth it :)

  2. Absolutely incredible!! I'm overwhelmed just LOOKING at the photos..i can't imagine putting all this together. What a beautiful party Lisa! Congratulations to the Mom and Dad to be and of course the happy Grandmas! :)

    1. oh geeze i was wearing pink colored glasses for quite a while instead of rose colored ones... everything around me was pink pink pink! lol thank you SO much Karen, it was a labor of love especially for my family too who had to endure all the pink as well as i was making everything!:>O :>D

  3. Lisa, you have totally outdone yourself, everything is over the top amazing! Can't believe how fantastic everything turned out! Well, yes I can... :)

    1. y'know what would be epically epic Kim? if i could do a party with you! now THAT would be over the top awesome! :>D!

  4. Wow, I'm impressed! I'm sure that baby girl will one day love looking at these photos and laughing about the smudge dad made on the cake--ha! Thanks for sharing these!

    1. haha! yes that was one of the "highlights" of the shower! :>O thanks SO much Ginger Wroot! :>D

  5. Wow you did a fabulous job with everything!
    TFS this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

    1. thank you Julie! when i was in the midst of doing everything, i wondered if the pink would ever end! :>D LOL

  6. Everything is so pretty! It looks like a work of art. Thank you so much for sharing this on the #HomeMattersParty

    1. thank you so much Jeann! it was a work of art with a ton of work behind it! lol ;)

  7. Wow...everything looks so cute! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  8. my wedding wasn't this elegant either! lol and if it was i think i woulda just up and eloped! HA just kidding thanks so much Marilyn!:)

  9. So many adorable details! Love the macarons and the cake pops!

    1. thank you so much Leslie! yes there were too many details to count :)

  10. Stunning pictures! All the arrangements are perfect. The cake is looking so delicious. Need to have some ideas for my sister’s baby shower at one of event space Chicago. Have been looking on internet and finding pretty ideas. Hope will get soon.

    1. thank you so much Drew Watts! wow i wish we had event space over here but it does cost $$$$$! :>O lucky for us her patio was big enough! good luck with your sister's shower! :)


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