Monday, November 5, 2012

thanksgiving turkey treats in a glove

so i took a break from blog posts for a bit.
much needed cuz i was insanely busy with putting a wedding reception together for 150 peeps and having a halloween party for another 70 or so peeps only a week apart.
so some day (whenever) i will post some wedding pics and my halloween party but for now,
it's time to play with the turkeys.

wanna make that guy up there for some kiddies?

first you gotta beg.
no, no, not to me, to your local grocery bakery person.
ask her for some gloves.
she'll look at you really weird.
at that point, tell her you are doing a craft, and she will nod and smile. you know those bakers/crafters understand you without further explanation.
i asked for 4 pairs and she kindly obliged.

so why ask your grocery baker?
cuz you wanna get gloves that are food safe. 

unless of course you want nitrile, latex, powdered, candy treats, which if you do, i kindly advise a dr. appt  to be scheduled soon after you eat the treats.

so let's move on now.
i figure bakers use these gloves, so it's gotta be food safe. at least i know the outside of the glove is, so i wanted to be extra cautious and have the outside of the glove inside, since there are some gloves with powder in it. these don't, but better safe than sorry.
does that make sense? or do i sound like a turkey?

never mind.

now decorate the thumb of the glove. 
so while that dries, next you gotta do more begging.
no, no, not to me, to your trick or treating kid.
ask him for some whoppers. or milk duds.
and peanut m&m's.  or some of those gumballs from his gumball machine.
if he gives you any trouble, tell him you'll give it right back, only it'll be prettier.
then he will look at you weird.

but you're used to that look by now.

i found it better to get peanut m& m's or gumballs since they are larger than skittles or regular m& m's so then you don't need as much candy and it looks better (to me at least).

ok so now, the obvious.
after it's filled,
 then for the finishing touch, add some stickers.
i got these at target on clearance for 98 cents. score!

i stuck the pilgrim but it didn't look right.
so i fixed it.
so there you have your turkeys!
instead of stickers, you can also just write their names real big in the center with marker.

i recommend giving these to the kids after they eat their veggies on thanksgiving day.
or you can give it to them anytime, as i won't be a turkey and tell you how to parent :>P


  1. These are so cute!! :) You're making me wish we celebrated Thanksgiving in Ireland!

    1. oh thank you SO much Being Inspired! i say make these anyway and celebrate along with us :)

  2. Those are too adorable, Lisa! I love how they turned out, very fun! Thanks for asking about the move, I think we are almost settled and loving the new house. It's great if you like 70's style Brady Bunch kind of homes, which I definitely do! Makes me feel like a kid again, lol.

    1. thank you Michelle! and I love the Brady Bunch and that house-i grew up wishing I was one of the kids although i liked Alice the best-haha happy to hear you love your new house. and feeling like a kid again is the best thing isn't it? :)

  3. Turkey treats in a glove is a cool idea. Im following you from the financial friday blog hop. You can follow me back at

    1. thank you thank you Leisure M! glad you like my turkeys :)

  4. Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you again next week. We have a fun "Favorite Things" giveaway going on right now. Please check it out!

    1. thanks for checking out my link here Mariel! i will definitely be back to your party! :D

  5. Thanks for linking up to Pin Me! I've pinned it this hilarious idea!

  6. WOOOOHOOO! that's the best news for this weekend EVER!!! THANK YOU Stephanie! :)

  7. Cute for the kids! Thank you for sharing it on our blog at the Wednesday linky party!

  8. hehe Lisa!!! LOVE the turkeys!!! I'm going to save this for next year!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality! I can't wait to see what you link up tomorrow evening :)

    1. oh goodie Christine! so for halloween next year, make sure your kids get peanut m&m's and whoppers-heehee

  9. Okay those are Awesome! And I know a couple girls who would love them. Thanks so much for sharing on the We Made That Linky!

    1. yay! happy to hear someone's actually gonna make these crazy turkeys! thanks so much for your comment We-Made-That! :)


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