Friday, November 17, 2017

thanksgiving cornucopia cookies

i'm not sure about these.
i had a vision of making these macarons 
but the time to do it messed me up.

so i took the easiest short cut possible and
 just (turkey) winged it...
so ladies and maybe a gent or two out there, 
let me introduce to you,
cornucopia cookies.
made with the best intentions to make them look like real cornucopias and ended up settling for these instead because as mick jagger sings 
"you can't always get what you want." blah.

what's really not blah is the time to make them.
the longest part about it is finding 
the sprinkles in my cupboard.

all you need is this:
plus some melted chocolate bark in a piping bag.

i got the fruit blast and harvest decor from home goods and the dylan candy set and pearls from michaels.

let's take a look at the sprinkle collection shall we?
ok so the green ones look more like smooshed limes.
let's just say they are green beans instead?

and speaking of smooshing, let's squish that dough:
i put a baggie over the cookie and 
shaped it like you see above.

then i baked 1 cookie with the sprinkles 
in it already to experiment and uhoh...
good thing i just experimented with 1 cookie... :>P

so i basically gobbled that ugly one up 
and did this to the rest with a spoon:
the cookie shaping that works is done before 
i took them out of the oven, right til 
they were almost done baking. 
(top left corner pic above)
then the ditch was made immediately upon 
removing them from the oven. 

i had to reshape the cookies because they spread waaay 
too much in the oven and looked like blobs.
but it actually came out more realistic like the basket weaves in a cornucopia when the cookie was pushed into shape... 
(?!? idunno!)

ok then while still warm, pipe the chocolate as shown 
and follow the steps below.
well do they look like cornucopias to you?
or more like smooshed fruit topped peanuts?
i guess i could've just made a pie or something but pies need to take a back seat once in a while 
(even though i am still gonna make them!)

i guess if i mix them up with the turkey cookies i made then the whole smooshed peanut vision goes away? 
i think the little kids will like these...
then they can say "gee Ms. Lisa! thank you for the smooshed fruit topped peanut cookies!"


  1. I once tried to make cornucopia cookies and it was a mess...looks like you had waaaay better luck than I!

    1. these may the cookies you made Kim! lol but honestly don't believe you can make any cookie a mess! 😉

  2. They DO look like cornucopias, and cute ones at that! I'll take one of those sweet cookies off your hands..seeing as you have PLENTY! ;)

    1. i do have plenty Karen! so here they come virtual cookies or not! lol ;) happy thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

  3. I think they look just like a cornucopia! Perfecto! I bet I could have eaten a whole pan full of those "mistakes". Yummmmmy! Cookie wizard, you are! Dona

    1. well maybe cookie wizard of all things goofy i claim! lol thanks Dona!!! :>D

  4. These are too cute

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