Tuesday, October 31, 2017

my 2017 halloween round-up


fifty+ some years ago give or take a decade(i wish! lol)
i was a mere 6-7 pounds...

a lot of change has happened since then,
which should occur i guess cuz i really don't wanna be a mere 6-7 pounds...

that would be hard to reach the gas pedal and as much as adulting is difficult,
i do like to drive to my nearest craft store.

enough silliness. 
let's get down to business as we rewind and recap my free candy nite halloween posts for 2017!
(just click on the link below the pic to be taken to the post)

first up, 
i'll show you how to keep your head amongst you, or at least in the hands of a skeleton's.

then when you have your head,
grab some chocolate chips and condensed milk and a halloween mold to make these guys.

wanna try something even easier?
how do these skellies sound?

or you can just buy them along with other skeleton madness.

speaking of madness, these guys are cranky!

and these guys are spooky silly!

now here's something you can put those spooky scary silly treats in.

these ghouls will fit in there too.

but whatever you fit, hope it's a bunch of candy bars in your mouth and a really soft pillow to lie on!


  1. Happy Birthday Lisa!
    Love your creations!
    you amaze me with all your ideas.
    thank you for sharing your craziness with us
    i love it!
    and how lucky to be born on Halloween!

    1. oh gosh THANK YOU mary stuart!! your comment is a wonderful birthday gift!😁

  2. Hope you had the happiest of birthdays!! I checked out your Facebook and saw all the great party pics. Girl, I'm putting your party on my bucket list! Still gotta say, I think the ghoul cookies are my favorite. Or the swamp monsters. Those were great. But the trees! Well, guess I just love 'em all. OK! That's behind us....what's up for Thanksgiving??!! Love ya, girl! Dona

    1. HAHAHA no matter what you always make me smile Dona! i got your card in the mail today too! what a sweet sweet surprise!!!!!!! love you back my BBFF! 😘😁🤗

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here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D