Saturday, October 28, 2017

chocolate chip ghoul cookies

hey how about one more halloween treat for the weekend?
this one is sooooper doooper easy.

halloween chocolate chip ghoul cookies.
just grab these add-ons:
and use this cookie dough cuz 
who's got time to make cookies from scratch?!
there's too much candy eating giving 
to do for halloween!
just bake as directed. then once they come out of the oven,
immediately add the candy melt mouths.
then the eyes.

well, i'm screaming cuz these darn guys don't look halloweeny enough.

lemme get some white sunflower seed candy and do this:
so there you have it.

some silly screamers.
don't think any dentist can fix these guys!...


  1. These are the creepiest treat you've made!! Their need to see a dermatologist really puts them over the top! When I get home (house sitting), I'll be pinning this. I could munch a few of these with my coffee right now! Dona

    1. dermatologist and a dentist?! HAHA poor ghouls better make a few dr. appointments! thanks again Dona! happiest of halloweenies to you! :>D

  2. You've created the perfect, snaggle-toothed ghoul! :)

    1. snaggle toothed ghouls! YES! you always have the perfect name for my stuff-i need to consult you first Karen! lol happy halloween!!! :>D

  3. LOL, these are so totally cute! I love them 💝

    1. and i love your comment Christina! thank you thank you!!!!!! :>D


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D