Monday, October 23, 2017

monster fudge

i love molds.
no, not the kind that grows in hot humid places or around cheese, but the kind you make stuff out of.

why i love molds so much i have about a billion of them.
cuz how else am i supposed to make guys like these 
without a mold?
monster fudge.
they are kinda crazy but i kinda sorta flipped when i came across the mold at michael's.
aren't they cute?
i mean, as monsters go. you can make pretty much anything outta them like ice cubes or jello jigglers or truffles or whatever but today i'm making easy fudge.

i played with some candy melts to add more design to the monsters by using a toothpick to add the candy melt over the details.
then i used an old reliable fudge recipe where you nuke a can of condensed milk and a bag of white chocolate chips together at 30 second increments to make the fudge. 
then i colored the fudge in small portions.
while the fudge was still a little warm, i was able to fill the molds real quick and then freeze until firm.
then i flipped them over outta the mold 
and played with my food.

these guys are silly, not scary, just the way i like my halloween to be :)


  1. These are great! White chocolate and sweetened condensed milk, you say? Why have I never heard of this? Would it work with chocolate chips?? My daughter is the "real" fudge maker in the family, but I'm all for easy! And funny monsters! Way to go, girl! Dona

    1. yes absolutely any kind of chocolate chip including butterscotch too if you want or mint or whatever! it's super easy so it looks like your daughter is in for some competition from her mom Dona! 😉 LOL

  2. Your fudgy little guys sound yummy!! I've never made fudge this way, but how easy it is..and quick too! Thanks, Lisa! :)

    1. yeah it's very easy and quick Karen-these days it's just the way i like it :)


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