Thursday, October 19, 2017

swamp monster oreo bark

so i went to dollar tree and was looking for green candy for a halloween treat i had in mind.

at first i had circus peanuts in different colors and was just going to use the green ones but circus peanuts? really? i kept looking.

and then i saw these:
and for a dollar??? SCORE!

let's check 'em out shall we?
uhoh looks like the caramel distribution is not equal worries, it'll still work and 
what did i expect for a dollar?

ok so let's get these monsters awake.

why does this monster make me giggle instead of scream?

and look at all of them--
they're just chilling.

do they even look like monsters?
oh my!
that's more like it.

but they do have attitude so i'm gonna stick them in the fridge on top of their wrappers to chill out while 
i continue with the treat making.

let's get some oreos and crush them and scatter them on a sliver circle tray i got at the dollar tree too.

and then let's melt some candy melts...
ok so we'll take the melted candy melt, pour it unevenly in drops over the crushed oreos,shake to smooth out the colors, and play with the colors to get a swamp lake...
ok so maybe i played with the colors too much?... 

time to get those angry attitude swamp monsters out of the fridge and put them back where they belong,
in the water.
space them apart as shown:
keep going with the random spacing til they're all in the swamp lake.
hey you monster!
stop yelling! 
you should be happy you are back in the swamp!
well if you don't like it, you can leave.
no wait!!! come back!
uh oh, i chilled them out in the fridge again but looks like i'm gonna have to separate them. they still look awful angry...

hey check out the cool bark layers!
i think these monsters need more time to chill out don't you?


  1. This is just a riot -- and so clever!

    1. i was almost gonna call them "green blob cartoon bark" but didn't think that would work too well in google search...LOL thank you Michele! :>D

  2. What a great idea! Using the bark as water..AWESOME! My hubby and i did a swamp boat tour last month in Louisiana; I can tell you we did NOT see any of these guys 'cause I would still be freaked out!! Love the hilarious running banter!

    1. BAHAHA if i saw one of these guys i'd take him home with me and stick him in the bathtub. LOL thanks Karen! :>D

  3. You are so funny!! Love these! Never thought I'd want to eat a swamp monster!!! Pinning! Dona

    1. yay! another pin from you! :>D oh Dona what would i do without you? (that's a lot scarier to think of than these monsters!) :>O

  4. LOL the swamp bark is absolutely the most creative bark around! Love it!


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