Wednesday, October 11, 2017

haunted tree pretzels

oh my goodness...
it's been awhile...
and i know i know!

what started as an intentional 
short summer blog break turned out 
to be an unintentional very very very 
long summer turned to fall whattookmesodarnlongtocomebacktomyblog break.


should i explain with some long drawn out 
story about how i needed a break from creating because 
it was basically consuming my life 
as to what the next post would be 
that i kinda oopsies forgot that i had a family? 
or that some darn thing called irma completely screwed up my 
so called september comebacktobloglife time?

or maybe i was just lost in a forest 
where no one could find me?!?!

like maybe a haunted forest?
hey now! maybe i don't/didn't wanna be found! lol
but heck a halloween baby like me could not 
let her holiday go by 
without celebrating right?

and good thing cuz i really really really
missed creating/blogging.

i guess i will just give up the fact that 
i was born this way as some lady gaga told me
in a song i heard one time or another...

anyway, if you wanna get lost in 
a haunted chocolate forest too, 
here's the lo-down:
do this first and plop them in a bowl:

next up, which is optional but 
it will give you a better idea on placement 
once they are dipped:
ok now here comes the fun part of growing your trees.

i was originally gonna take another 
lighter chocolate and add the trunk detail 
but then i think swirling the bark around 
before it completely dries was much easier 
and looked cooler than if i were to 
pipe lines for trunk detail.

so there you have it.
i kinda love these trees.
no watering or sunshine needed and 
the blacker the thumb you have, the better the tree, 
which is great for me considering 
i kill silk plants without even trying.
dang that felt good to finally do a post 
since over 3 months ago.
yup i know what ya mean haunted tree, 
i know what ya mean!


  1. Ahhh. Finally. I feel a missing piece of me is back! Hi BBFF! Good to see ya! And great to see this idea!! They are perfect! Pinning! Dona

    1. hey there BBFF! i'm sorry about your missing piece! it kinda started small and got real big but was a needed break too. i've got a lot of ideas stored up that hope will keep ya happy and hoppin'! :>D

  2. Glad you enjoyed your much needed break-except for Irma-but glad you're back because your tree pretzels are genius!! I love the idea of using broken pretzel pieces for the branches!! Welcome back, Lisa! :)

    1. thank you Karen! even when i was away my brain still kept working so i just surrended to it!😜lol

  3. I'm so happy you're back, I love these haunted trees. At a glance, I'm pretty sure you could turn them into Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast too!

    1. oh wow! see i never thought of that! awesome idea Kim and it's fun to be back with you guys 😁

  4. Oh my goodness- these are too darned cute! Thanks for sharing! x Karen

  5. This is great! I am pinning! We just started the Whisk It Wednesday link party and I thought you might be interested in sharing there too! Thanks, Carrie

    1. oh thank you so much Carrie! i'm gonna whisk away now and check out your party! :>D

  6. These pretzels are so darn cute. Please stop by Thursday Favorite Things since you are being featured.


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D