Monday, December 14, 2015

tinsel party hats or centerpieces

oh my christmas is coming sooo fast!
but there are birthdays in december too to celebrate, 
such as my BFF who turned 50 this year.

so naturally i had a party for her. 
and used these:
ok so it wasn't quite like that but the hats sure were!

just raid the dollar tree again.

and there you have your hat.
easy right?
it just takes some cutting of some garland and some gluing.

i actually used it as a centerpiece for the tables and put my BFF's picture in the snowflake frame with a small bday banner attached below it.
just know they have other colored tinsel trees at dollar tree like green, gold, and multicolored.
so you can make a bunch of hats/centerpieces for like less than 2 bucks each.
oh what fun!

so go out and make some and then 
you can join these party ladies.
original picture source

or not?!
i mean they're already standing on one leg on top of a very high building sooo,
i'm not so sure about the partying effect.

but hey at least their hats look good!


  1. They look like they might be a bit chilly! Oh, BBFF, this is adorable. I have 3 birthdays in December to deal with, so this is getting pinned for next year! Thanks....again!! Dona

    1. oh BBFF, someone better tell them to put some pants on-but maybe they can't cuz their leg is frozen stuck?! :>O these hat/centerpieces are better than they look in the pics thanks to my dumb camera-LOL!

  2. So nice for you to remember those with December birthdays and with such a fun and cute craft! Looks like they fit those dancing ladies perfect!! :p

    1. thank you Kim! i have 3 of the most impeortant people in my life-my hubby, my BFF and my sis who turn 50 so i had to celebrate in a big way for all of them...but i am leaving the dancing girls out! lol :)

  3. These are so cute and festive for those December birthdays! Today is my dear sweet Daddy's birthday..he's celebrating in heaven! Along with my hubby and Mother-in-law, we have 10 family members birthdays in December. Happy, happy birthday to your BFF! :)

    1. HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY Karen's dad!!! you have a wonderful daughter who has amazing talent and not to mention photo skills! :>D happy bday to your hubby and MIL too! :)


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