Friday, December 4, 2015

snowmen praline crackers

what is happening to the weather here this month of December?
i dunno about you but around these parts in Florida,
we get at least a 70 degree day in december now and then.
i know i know.

but it's been 80-90's and humid so getting into the christmas spirit is a little tricky.
nonetheless gimme a treat to make and i can christmatize it.

like these for example:
do you guys read shelley's blog?
if you do, then you know the kind of stuff she makes is pretty deliciously awesome. 
and probably one of the few blogs that i actually make recipes from and keep going back to make more.

anyway, i got this recipe from her blog and holy schmoly, 
these things are sweet heaven.
i love them so much i wanted to make some for christmas but they aren't very christmasy looking. 

but never fear, crazy food crafter is here.

here's how i did it but you will have to visit here to get the recipe and drool at her pics of this treat she calls crack.
 and you'll know why after you taste it.

while it's baking, gather these:

allow to cool enough so the reese's cup hat melts and stays on the praline without completely melting if that makes any sense at all...?!
don't worry about even sized bars.
my kids helped me and that was a lot more fun than measuring distances for each bar.

but if you are a perfectionist, 
you can always cut the bars and add the candy after.
the praline is sticky so the candy stays.

and if you are a perfectionist, 
don't look for round shaped snowmen here.
just serve 'em up and enjoy.

i promise these will melt (in your mouth) 
like snowmen always do.
only these are a million times better.


  1. Droolin' here, girl!! OK. So I hopped over to that blog and pinned the recipe (who knew a person could drool so much??) and now I'm pinnin this to go with. " Crazy Food Crafter" indeed! You say that with PRIDE, sister! That is a title you've earned through blood, sweat and tears! There should be a Nobel prize for what you do!!!! Or a military medal, at the very least. Yeah. You're that good! Dona

    1. HAHA maybe a medal that just says crazy period. LOL! i'll have to show this comment to my hubby DOna, just to justify my craziness! oh and shelley's blog has SO many goodies i make-she really is quite talented :) it's a drool worthy time my BBFF! ;)

  2. Whoa! I'm gonna have to check out her recipe! You have made some really yummy looking snowmen here! :o)

    1. well they are not exactly plump roly polies but heck i could eat enough of these to be plump roly poly myself Karen! LOL :>D

  3. These do sound delicious and I'm going to try and randomly place the snowman!

    1. i had my kids help with the placement and didn't care about the preciseness of it all. it definitely made making these more fun Kim! :)

  4. Ok, these little darlings are adorable! And I can eat them Win Win and a Pin!

    1. LOL! why that's the best rhyme ever-win win and a pin! thanks SO much Culinary Envy! :>D

  5. These are so adorable and looks so yummy!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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